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Ubuntu Developer Week

(The latest Ubuntu Open Week page can be found at UbuntuOpenWeek)

Welcome to the Ubuntu Developer Week! We will have one week of action-packed sessions from Jan 19th to Jan 23rd!

In just four years, Ubuntu has become the most popular Linux distribution in the world with millions of users and a spot regularly at the top of Distrowatch. Ever wondered how Ubuntu development works? How to get involved yourself? Find out from Jan 19th to Jan 23rd!

Ubuntu Developer Week is a series of online workshops where you can:

  • learn about different packaging techniques
  • find out more about different development teams
  • check out the efforts of the world-wide Development Community
  • participate in open Q&A sessions with Ubuntu developers

  • much more...

The timetable

Mon 19th Jan

Tue 20th Jan

Wed 21st Jan

Thu 22nd Jan

Fri 23rd Jan

16.00 UTC


Launchpad Bug Tracking -- intellectronica

Pushing out GNOME releases to millions of users -- seb128

Automated Desktop Testing -- ara

Testing your .deb with piuparts -- liw

17.00 UTC


QA Tools -- ara

Fixing Bugs in Ubuntu -- dholbach

Ubuntu Netbook Remix Q&A -- njpatel

Fun with python-apt -- mvo

18.00 UTC

Packaging 101 -- dholbach

Stop Screen-Scraping, Use the Launchpad Web Service API -- leonardr

Bazaar for packaging -- james_w

Boot performance -- Keybuk

Bazaar and Launchpad - How to do it -- rockstar and beuno

19.00 UTC

Working well with Debian -- nxvl and bddebian

Creating high-quality updates -- ubuntu-security

Kubuntu Bug Squishing -- JontheEchidna

Kubuntu Ninja's - Packagers in Unicorn mode -- apachelogger and vorian

Packaging Kernel modules with DKMS -- BenC

20.00 UTC

Understanding GNOME Technologies --- tedg

Debugging program crashes -- pitti

Using VMBuilder to create tests environments -- Soren Hansen & Nick Barcet

Packaging software for Mono, for great justice -- directhex and meebey

Xubuntu -- Cody Somerville & The Xubuntu Team

(*) Monday, 19th Jan, 16:00 - 18:00 UTC:

  • Getting Started session in various languages:

    • English: #ubuntu-classroom, contact: james_w

    • French: #ubuntu-classroom-fr, contact: didrocks

    • Italian: #ubuntu-classroom-it, contact: devfil

    • Spanish: #ubuntu-classroom-es, contact: nxvl

    • German: #ubuntu-classroom-de, contact: dholbach