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Ubuntu Developer Week

(The latest Ubuntu Open Week page can be found at UbuntuOpenWeek.)

Welcome to the Ubuntu Developer Week! We will have one week of action-packed sessions from Aug 31st to Sep 4th!

In just four years, Ubuntu has become the most popular Linux distribution in the world with millions of users and a spot regularly at the top of Distrowatch. Ever wondered how Ubuntu development works? How to get involved yourself? Find out from Aug 31st to Sep 4th!

Ubuntu Developer Week is a series of online workshops where you can:

  • learn about different packaging techniques
  • find out more about different development teams
  • check out the efforts of the world-wide Development Community
  • participate in open Q&A sessions with Ubuntu developers

  • much more...

The timetable

If you're unsure about UTC times: just run date -u in a terminal to find out what the current UTC time is.

Mon 31st Aug

Tue 1st Sep

Wed 2nd Sep

Thu 3rd Sep

Fri 4th Sep

16.00 UTC

Getting Started with UbuntuDevelopment -- dholbach

Fixing small bugs in Ubuntu -- dholbach

Getting started with Launchpad development -- gmb

Let Mago do your Desktop testing for you -- ara

Translations for developers -- danilo, dpm, pitti

17.00 UTC

Getting Started with UbuntuDevelopment -- dholbach

Kernel Triaging and Debugging -- ogasawara

Developing websites with Django -- lukasz and stuartm

Paper cutting 101 -- djsiegel, ted, seb128

GTD for hackers -- liw

18.00 UTC

$quickly fun -- rickspencer3 and didrocks

How to update a package -- didrocks

Hooking your app into your desktop CouchDB - aquarius

Learning from mistakes - REVU reviewing best practices -- mok0

Fixing an Ubuntu bug using Bazaar -- james_w

19.00 UTC

Packaging Perl Modules -- jawnsy and Debian pkg-perl team members

Using the LP API for fun and profit -- leonardr

Writing secure software -- kees

Being productive with bzr and LP code hosting - rockstar

Packaging from scratch -- Laney

20.00 UTC

Fun with Python Plasmoids -- agateau and Riddell

Writing Apport Package Hooks -- bdmurray

Bug lifecycle, Best practices, Workflow, Tags, Upstream, Big picture -- jcastro and pedro_

Effectively testing for regressions -- sbeattie

Hacking Soyuz to get your builds done -- noodles775, cprov and wgrant

iCal Format


The Developer Week schedule has also been added to the Ubuntu Fridge Calendar, which is available online and in XML, iCal, and HTML formats.