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In order for a piece of software to be included in Ubuntu, it must meet the [ Ubuntu License Policy].

Requesting a new package for Ubuntu

To get a package into Ubuntu, please [ file a bug in Launchpad] and make sure it has the tag [ needs-packaging]. Please mention where to get the source for it and which license it is under. Make sure you check which [ packages have already been requested]. For packages in Debian, but not in ubuntu [ file a bug] with the summary field "please sync package <packagename> from debian <distro>" where packagename is the package you would like to see.

Packaging it yourself

Packages which are not in Ubuntu yet, require extra scrutiny and go through a special review process, before they get uploaded and get a final review by the [ archive admins]. More information on the review process, including the criteria which will be applied, can be found on the [:UbuntuDevelopment/CodeReviews#NewPackage:Code Reviewers page]. Developers are encouraged to examine their own packages using these guidelines prior to submitting them for review.

The ["MOTU"] team approval policy for new packages:

The ["MOTU"] team uses the following workflow:

  • When you start to work on a new package, assign the needs-packaging bug to yourself and set it In Progress (if there is no needs-packaging bug, file one).
  • Once you have an initial package and upload it to [wiki:MOTU/Packages/REVU REVU], add the link to the package in [wiki:MOTU/Packages/REVU REVU] to the description of the bug. From this point on, no further Launchpad entries are made until the package is uploaded.
  • Once the approved package is uploaded, the uploading MOTU will set the bug status to Fix Committed.
  • When the package clears the NEW queue it will automatically be set to Fix Released (debian/changelog must close the needs-packaging bug).

Alternative workflows:

  • These are permitted, but [wiki:MOTU/Packages/REVU REVU] is the official location for getting packages reviewed.
  • The key policy point is that two MOTUs must advocate the package. Most MOTUs use [wiki:MOTU/Packages/REVU REVU] and it may be more difficult to get packages in alternative locations reviewed.

Also of interest:

  • [], a website where people interested in getting their packages inside Debian can upload their packages. You need to [ browse the directories] to find packages. ContributingToDebian has additional information on getting your work into Debian.

  • [ Debian's WebSVN] It's possible that a package has been worked on for Debian but has a status of UNRELEASED. Check the appropriate directories that begin with "pkg" that your package may fall under. For example, game packages would be under "pkg-games".

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