Soyuz User Documentation

Upload System

  • How to upload ?
    • Packaging: introduce the ubuntu-packaging-guide
    • How to build a package: address orig.tar.gz issues and pbuilder alternative
    • How to upload: dput & dupload usage and config samples for ubuntu primary archive, PPA and PPA overriding the changesfile suite. Reading the dput log output and identifying problems.

  • What to expect from a upload ?
    • Brief overview:
      • FTPd-based synchronous queue
      • Isolated but unrecoverable sessions
      • Processed in periodic batches, every 5 minutes.
    • Describe all possible email notification, include 'no notification yet' situation (maybe we could draw a flow-chart)
      • REJECTED
      • NEW
      • ACCEPTED
      • 'I've been waiting for 10 minutes and soyuz didn't send me anything'
    • What automatic notification should the user expect ?
      • Announcements to <distro>-changes@ lists ...

Publishing and Build System

  • Source accepted, now what ?
    • Incoming sources will show in ubuntu archive within one hour (tops) after they were ACCEPTED.

    • Build request from incoming sources will be scheduled within one hour (tops).
    • Build dispatching according the buildfarm load.
    • ...

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