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5. Create localization guidelines for Dhivehi. 5. Create localization guidelines for Dhivehi. (DONE: June 1, 2009)


Ubuntu Dhivehi Translators is a group of Maldivians around the world who actively participate in translating Ubuntu to Dhivehi. The Dhivehi translation project is initiated by MOSS/MLUG.

Ubuntu Dhivehi Translators

Maldives Open Source Society (MOSS) aka Maldivian Linux User Group (MLUG)

MOSS is an initiative to provide a collaborative platform and forum to promote and facilitate Linux and Free Open Source Software. MOSS members are from the community, civil society, students abroad, professional bodies and companies who promote the Free/Open Source Software concepts. MOSS aims to help policy makers, commercial enterprises, and users to take advantage of the benefits of Free/Open Source Software.

MOSS/MLUG Google Group



Dhivehi Translation/Localization Team

Ubuntu Translation Facebook Group

Created to boost the translation of Dhivehi in the Ubuntu translation launchpad.

Ubuntu Dhivehi Translation Facebook Group


The current focus of our translation is to translate 100,000 strings before the end of 2009. Join the effort and share the fun.

How to Contribute

1. Create an account on launchpad (if u haven't done it already) as usual you will need an email account. After creating the account login using your account information.

2. Once logged in successfully, go to Dhivehi translations page

Note, your translations will be reviewed and once accepted they will appear as translated.

For more info you may check the help!

Before you translate, your system must be able to read and write in Dhivehi, for a how-to visit the facebook discussion forum.

ToDo List

1. Create a wiki for the project (DONE: April 30, 2009).

2. Make contact with all upstream translation leads:

  • Mozilla Team
  • OpenOffice

  • Gnome (Done: 23 May, 2009) | Claude Paroz. Team

  • KDE
  • Ubuntu (DONE: April 30, 2009) | David Planella

3. Get technical support contacts with upstream people:

  • Mozilla Team
  • OpenOffice

  • Gnome
  • KDE
  • Ubuntu (DONE: April 30, 2009) | Jeroen Vermeulen

4. Create a Mailing list for the Translation Team (DONE: May 2, 2009)

5. Create localization guidelines for Dhivehi. (DONE: June 1, 2009)

Dhivehi Translation Guideline

- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDhivehiTranslators/TranslationGuideLine



- Coming up...

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