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= UbuntuDownUnder/BOFs/UbuntuDevelopment/ReleaseCycle = = Release Cycle =

Release Cycle



Review our experiences with the existing release strategy and discuss possible improvements


Scope and Use Cases

Implementation Plan

Data Preservation and Migration

Packages Affected

User Interface Requirements

Outstanding Issues

UDU BOF Agenda

  • Everybody loves newer software
    • The backports mess
    • What are the valid use cases, and can we accomodate them within Ubuntu?
      • Making new packages available to users of stable releases
      • Making new versions of existing packages available to users of stable releases (at what granularity?)
  • Phases of freeze
  • Release rollup / checklist items
    • Artwork
    • Translations
      • String freeze
      • Installer translations
      • Non-langpack translations
      • Langpack translations
    • Documentation
      • Screenshots
      • Translations?
      • Behaviour changes
    • Kernel
    • Uploads of packages which go on the CD
    • Uploads to main
    • Uploads to universe

UDU Pre-Work

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