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## page was renamed from UbuntuDownBelow/BOFs/RocketFuelMerges

Rocketfuel merges



This specification discusses the merge process for code that goes into the rocketfuel repository.


Pre-merge reviews are working well for the core launchpad work, and should be expanded out to all the code that ends up in rocketfuel.

Scope and Use Cases

The scope is limited to code stored in the baz repository.

No specific use cases are present, rather we are evaluating the requirements of each projects in the repository and setting merge and review policy.

Review teams

The standard LP review team will do reviews.

Projects in Rocketfuel

Live branches.

  • arch-pqm : PQM code base.
    • tests: No automatic test suite
  • banzai - sourcerer data store interface.
    • tests: whole system test suite
  • buildbot - importd upstream/infrastructure.
    • tests: whole system test suite.
  • cscvs - heavily modified cscvs branch drives SCM imports.
    • tests: whole system test.
  • dists - tree layouts for rocketfuel
    • tests: isolated test suite.
  • gnarly - cross twisted/normal python subprocess library.
    • tests: whole system suite.
  • hct - the open source component of HCT.
    • tests: whole system test suite.
  • launchpad - the web application.
    • tests: system wide test
  • psycopgda - zodb adapter to postgres
    • tests: whole system test
  • pyarch - old tla bindings
    • tests: no need to run
    • should be removable from dists, and become a dead branch
  • pybaz - current baz bindings
    • tests: system test
  • pygettextpo - gettext cruft
    • tests: whole system tests
  • pyme - python gpgme bindings
    • tests: system tests,
  • sourcerer - package import guts.
    • tests: whole system tests
  • sqlobject - cheap object mapping
    • tests: system test
  • sqlos - glue from sqlobject to z3.
    • tests: whole system test
  • zope - big webapp framework.
    • tests: don’t test until we have import based from a post 3.1 release.
    • tests: whole system once we have import based post 3.1 tree.

Dead branches, listed here for completeness.

  • arch - DEAD BRANCH
  • bugs - DEAD BRANCH
  • buttress - DEAD branch
  • canonical - DEAD branch
  • malone - DEAD BRANCH
  • pytranslations - DEAD BRANCH
  • raw - DEAD BRANCH
  • rosetta - DEAD BRANCH
  • soy - DEAD branch
  • soyuz - DEAD branch

Implementation Plan

  • Lifeless to audit that the configuration does do the tests listed above.
  • Change PQM so that it requires a record of the reviewer in the merge summary for these branches.

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