Add capabilities to the installer which are particularly useful in server environments


Scope and Use Cases

Implementation Plan

Data Preservation and Migration

Packages Affected

User Interface Requirements

Outstanding Issues

Web based configuration suitable for Appliances, such as debconf using the web frontend. Installer should be automated up until the second stage, perhaps the only question being asked such as IP information (but can be optional; defaults could be applied), and further questions are asked through a web interface (further host information, etc).

UDU BOF Agenda

UDU BOF Points

  • Base install only option -> rapid installation, minimal questions, auto partitioning (config file defined?)

  • NO GUIs on servers
  • Central Admin Interface -> GUI on ubuntu desktop, html/curses interface, package selection/updates

  • headless install - questions via another method - webinterface/config file over http or tftp
  • simple way of defining installation defaults (TFTP/PXE/boot image/flatfile on cd?) IP, Hostname, partitioning schemes, packages etc
  • more server critical packages move from universe into main (maintainers needed?)
  • debian-installer cobalt install target - ?
  • Better documentation for users wanting to customise and install CD -> kickstart ?

  • being able to build a "restore cd" based on settings of a current/future install, testings IPs/modules/packages/partitiong off current system with a single command, install asks NO questions
  • live CD "rescue" designed for fixing, binary/library/etc files on an installation redownload packages if needed. -> what to check against?

  • Tripwire integration with package store/DB of hashes as part of every deb package for individual files to check against
  • Ubuntu run a database of file/package hashes for most/all packages for tripwire integration.

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