Brainstorm ideas for user-oriented feature development in Breezy and prioritize them based on maximum benefit to the user.


Scope and Use Cases

Produce a list of the top 5 possible enhancements to lower the barrier to entry for new users, and eliminate the most common stumbling blocks for existing users.

Implementation Plan

Data Preservation and Migration

Packages Affected

User Interface Requirements

Outstanding Issues

UDU BOF Agenda

  • Identify most common roadblocks for new users
  • Compare feature sets with other popular general-purpose distributions
  • Compare feature sets with special-purpose distributions
  • Prioritize enhancements by value to new and existing users
  • Schedule new BOFs to specify the most valuable suggestions

UDU Pre-Work

Objective 1: Understand the strengths of the competition

  • Data Points: Collect feature highlights and release notes from the following distributions. What do people love about them?
    • Fedora
    • Mandrake
    • MEPIS
    • SUSE
    • Knoppix
    • Gentoo
    • Slackware
    • Linspire
  • Methodology: Whiteboard/poll participants in BrainStorm; participants to bring lists of ideas

  • Responsibility: SebastienBacher, DanielHolbach, All participants

Objective 2: Identify common problems

  • Data Point 1: Analyse the following discussion groups and identify the most common questions and problems:
    • ubuntu-users
    • #ubuntu
    • ubuntuforums.org
    • linuxquestions.org (Ubuntu section)
    • Bugzilla (most-duplicated bugs, ...?)
  • Data Point 2: Review the Unofficial Ubuntu 5.04 Starter Guide and see if we can make those processes simpler, or automate them

  • Data Point 3: Collect feature suggestions from Bugzilla (Severity: enhancement)
  • Data Point 4: Collect feature suggestions from the wiki
  • Data Point 5: Most popular downloads from ubuntu repositories. This would be excellent. Is it measured? How easy it it to get? I know websites measure this, do repositories?
  • Responsibility:
    • Data Point 1: TimMorris, Ryan (Ubuntu Geek on forums) crunching data and polling moderators, others? (we need someone on #ubuntu)

    • Data Point 2: TimMorris (no clear way to rank though; list; whiteboard + vote in sessions)

    • Data Point 3: ?
    • Data Point 4: TimMorris (no clear way to rank though; list; whiteboard + vote in sessions)

    • Data Point 5: ?
  • Methodology: Count instances of categories or classes of problems; rank

Objective 3: Standardise the process / Involve the community

Completed Pre-Work

  • Two sayings from research: "Opinions are like a--holes, everyone has one" and "Everyone generalises from a sample size of one, well at least I know I do."
  • Lets make this data driven, for example on ubuntuforum 16,181 people viewed the topic "Multimedia in Hoary" while only 14 viewed the topic "HOWTO: Get your ps/2 mouse work on a kvm switch"
  • Completed work to: CollectedIdeas

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