Ubuntu doc Imports



This specification decribes the way Rosetta will interact with the Ubuntu Doc team to import the documentation to be translated.


The documentation people write the documentation and before publishing it into the distribution, they want to get translations for it. Rosetta import process gets the .pot and .po files from already published packages so they need a way to upload them directly into Rosetta without publishing it.

Description of Issue

  • The ubuntu-doc's POTemplates will be owned by the "Ubuntu Doc Admins" Team instead of the current "Rosetta Admins" team so they will be allowed to do web uploads directly from the web interface.


  • The doc team will never upload to the Ubuntu archive an old version than they have already imported into Rosetta. If they do that, they will get an old .pot file imported and will need to upload a new version over the web.

Use Cases

  • Joe wants to give the translators a new version of the documentation to be translated but they don't want to publish it yet because that implies that the current translations will be out of sync.

Implementation Plan

For more information: https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/UbuntuDocImports

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