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For Sydneysiders driving to the conference:

The conference venue is Vibe Hotel, 100 Bayswater Road Rushcutters Bay. The Global and Forum conference rooms are on the ground floor of the hotel. The VibeOut and Sublime rooms are on the second floor: turn left at the lifts and then right along the corridor. Conference rooms are fairly well signposted.


If coming from the west, get onto William Street, and travel east until you go through the tunnel under the big Coca-Cola sign. After you exit the tunnel, the Vibe Hotel is about 200 metres away, on your left. It is six stories high and has "vibe" written on the side. It is just before you reach Rushcutter's Bay Park.

You can park at the hotel during the day for $12.50. Just buzz them at the parking entrance and then pay at reception when you go in.

There is some street based parking nearby, primarily on the other side of the park. This parking is limited to 2 hours or so from 8am to 8pm.

Public transport

The nearest train stations are Kings Cross and Edgecliff.

By bus, catch the 326 bus from near the corner of Elizabeth and Park St in the city (also travels along Elizabeth St), and pull the cord when you see a sign on the left saying '72-78 Bayswater Rd' on Bayswater Rd. This will put you two doors up from Vibe.


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