Looking for something to do in Sydney?

Go to the beach

  • Bus no. 222 goes right past the hotel. Hop on, hop off at Bondi beach. While there, either:
    • Eat and drink at the many fine cafes
    • Shop
    • Swim - but stay between the yellow and red flags as these mark the patrolled areas. Outside of this you are fair game for surfers. No need to worry about sharks. The beach is netted
    • Hire some rollerblades
    • Hire a surfboard
    • Walk to the southern edge of the beach and follow the path south. You'll find yourself on a track that heads south towards Bronte Beach. Ignore the first small beach you see. That's Tamarama and it is cute but not nearly enough exercise. Keep going until you reach Bronte. Buses from there will take you back to the city, from where a quick cab ride will bring you back here.

Go to the Zoo

  • Catch a Cab to Circular Quay, which should cost about $15
  • Find a ticket window for Ferries
  • Buy a combined ferry and zoo entry ticket
  • Ride the ferry to the zoo
  • When you arrive at the zoo, head for the cable car and ride it to the top of the hill
  • When you reach the top, head East while staying high on the hill and you'll find an enclosure where you can walk right up to kangaroos, wallabies and emus

Go the the aquarium

  • Hop in a cab and ask them to take you to the aquarium
  • It is about a $15 cabfare and then $25 to get in but you get to walk in a perspex tunnel while sharks swim overhead
  • Afterwards, you'll find zillions of tourist trap over-priced cafes around in which to eat. Over the other side of this bit of harbour is the maritime museum which is fun as is the Powerhouse Museum, a tech museum of some interest.
  • You are also very close to Chinatown. For some excellent eats, seek out a place called BBQ King on Liverpool St. Don't worry if it looks small from the street, it is a maze inside and you will always get a seat. Eat the BBQ Combo and die happy, albeit of harened arteries!

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