About Ubuntu Electronics Remix


Ubuntu Electronics Remix is a Ubuntu derivative aimed at making using Ubuntu for electronics easy. The project aims to do this by providing a LiveDVD of Ubuntu with electronics packages installed and making getting started with these packages easy by putting "Getting Started" tutorials in one place.

The latest news can be found at http://www.ubuntuelectronicsremix.net


  • Make using Ubuntu for electronics easy.
  • Help promote the use of open source software for Electronics.
  • Maintain simple "Getting Started" tutorial for Ubuntu electronics packages.
  • Help maintain Ubuntu electronics packages (encourage people to become MOTU for electronics packages).
  • Encourage users help upstream projects (feature suggestions and bug fixes).

Ubuntu Electronics Remix is not about

  • Replicating Upstream work, either code or documentation.
  • Providing technical help (tutorials will link to relevant sites)

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