Make the difference in quality between 12.10 and 12.04 at least as great as the difference between 12.04 and 11.10.



  • continued boot time metrics (pgraner)
  • can we add power draw tests? (pgraner)
  • deeper, broader smoke tests (pgraner)
  • extend per commit testing to at least one more upstream (LibreOffice)? (pgraner, jasoncwarner)


  • more rigorous community driven test cases and bug reporting (jono)
  • more rigorous "calls for testing" (jono)
  • proper attribution of bugs found via proper testing so that they are easier to find and fix (jono)


12.10 archive

  • more rigorously scheduled +1 maintenance (all)
  • having the right packages in the right parts of the archive in a way that allows Canonical to focus properly (slangasek)


  • rigorous kernel and other SRUs (pgraner, slangasek)


  • reduced image set (skaet)
  • tighter change control in images, especially around releases (skaet)


  • bug agents so teams don't have to monitor bug lists (rickspencer3)
  • bug work flow (again) (slangasek)
  • easier autobuild, etc... (???)
  • using proposed for building and testing (skaet, slangasek)
  • trying -updates to permit continued development during release weeks (skaet, slangasek)
  • better use of blueprints to capture intent and test plans (skaet)
  • revisit how we support flavors and other community projects, can we have more impact with our current investment? (skaet)
  • tweeks or revisits to acceptance criteria? (jasoncwarner)

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