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  • X server 1.13 or 1.12 depending on when 1.13 lands, together with matching drivers
  • Use a system compositor to provide fully flicker free boot and enable greeter improvements (on drivers that support it)


  • Use greeter as lock screen
  • Keep greeter showing while session loads
  • llvmpipe and opengles support in Unity 3D -> dropping 2d if we can (a11y, llvmpipe performances)

  • gsettings support to compiz
  • extra features under discussion: unity dialogs, coverflow
  • More tests and quality improvements

GNOME in 12.10

  • Update everything to 3.6
    • This includes clutter, i. e. new totem, video calls in empathy by default, current games
  • Remove all patches from GNOME Control Center unless they're upstreamed to GNOME git. Ubuntu will use ubuntu-control-center, which is the same as gnome-control-center just with the Ubuntu patches (like was used in 12.04 and before); and add a "real" gnome-control-center for the upstream experience
  • Convert Ubuntu gsettings overrides to session overrides to only affect the Unity session and moving defaults to ubuntu-defaults
  • An "Ubuntu GNOME" flavor, shipping GNOME apps with the default GNOME configurations

Firefox and Thunderbird

  • normal regular updates
  • overlay scrollbars


  • improving unity 3D a11y, now that we are phasing out the fallback
  • needs work on some GTK widgets


  • Business as usual, no major changes planned


  • lo-menubar: looking good, there should be enough reserves to implement this
  • drop current templates from main, add presenter-console, ogltransitions, pdf-import and presenattion-minimizer to seed for it in that order (should mostly sizeneutral -- size limit now 750MB? needs to be confirmed)
  • upstream "template store" wont be ready for quantal, but some 6-10 good new templates will be: pack them to universe and add session-installer hooks in libreoffice for it
  • add session installer hooks for everything missing from default install if possible
  • add languagetool grammar checker to universe at least
  • reenable report-builder


  • Finish fixing IPv6 (even on mobile!)
  • Add proxy support to NM
  • Add firewall support to NM


  • Remove complicated jockey logic, move to an upstream friendly PackageKit API, new and simpler design for third party drivers in the control-center

  • Replace language-selector GUI with upstream control-center applet, and add missing input method configuration


  • Adding lots more autopkgtest integration to existing tests, to improve the automatic proposed->release migration

  • Write more automatic test cases for suspend, multi-monitor, nautilus, gvfs, etc. (upstream)
  • run LibreOffice builds and testsuites regularly


  • watch boot speed, improve if we can, make sure we don't regress at least
  • Start dealing better with configuration upgrade within session
  • python3 porting of our desktop components (apport, software-properties, jockey, etc.)
  • aim at dropping gconf and pygtk2 from the CD

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