Ubuntu Europe (Ubuntu Europe Federation), is a Federation of European Ubuntu Communities. It's purpose is to share resources, and take care of legal bureaucracy for European Ubuntu Communities, and promote Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Community as a joint effort of the European Ubuntu Communities.

This Federation isn't designed to be a LoCo, neither replaces in any way or has any sort of authority over either any Ubuntu Community, being them members or not, and will never in anyway replace the Ubuntu LoCo Council, or the Ubuntu Council.


Launchpad page of the Team.

Launchpad page of the Federation President.

How to Contribute

If you feel your LoCo or Ubuntu community should join our Federation, please conctact us. We will be at Ubucon Europe 2018 where we will present the Federation to the community and discuss details of what we all want to do under the Federation Umbrella and how.


We're still in the process of finishing the initial setup of the Federation

No projects yet, except setting up the Federation and may assist with Ubucon Europe 2018.

Launchpad Membership Policy

This policy isn't defined yet.


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