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The GDM and the splash are absolutely wonderful. Reminds me of the bubbles of Fedora Core 5, which to me represents some of the best default artwork for a Linux distribution. The wallpaper is not on the level yet, but I think it could be there if the content was centered a bit more. It's like something's missing.

All in all, great work! Better than the current default, I'd say. Keep it up,

Mathias Kjærsgaard, Denmark

This work is amazing! It seems to say to the user 'Ubuntu is a real OS, used by people other than nerds.' It provides a nice alternative to the gloss. My only critique is that the gradient definately looks out of place in the middle of the wallpaper, maybe the funky stuff should be bigger and kreep over the screen more. Also do you thik this would appeal to a corporate market? It appeals to me! Either this, Jmak or Who's work just HAS to get into Edgy! - Schalken

  • To be honest, it looks kind of like an old coffee stain to me. I don't think it's very visually pleasing. And the login screen looks unbalanced with it just on the right side. 2c.

Looks awesome IMHO! -- AzraelNightwalker

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