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Ubuntu supports a variety of HA solutions in main. These tools and solutions need to be constantly updated and maintained.


A lot of improvements have been done on these tools since edgy release. These improvements need to be incorporated into feisty.

Use cases

  • Company foo wants to run the latest version of Ubuntu on their Red Hat cluster and Oracle cluster. They expect Ubuntu to keep up with the development done from upstream.
  • Company bar wants to deploy a new Red Hat cluster suite and it expects Ubuntu to provide the very latest conga suite for cluster deployment and use GFS2 due to its performance improvements.
  • Company baz is deploying a large cluster based on iscsi devices and they need to pretest the environment before the iscsi SAN will be in place. For this to work they need iscsi emulation provided by userland tools.


  • Update GFS/GFS2/OCFS2 kernel support and userland.
  • Package conga from Red Hat cluster suite to replace system-config-cluster.
  • Package iscsi userland tools. Kernel support is already available.

Data preservation and migration

  • Our kernel supports all the 3 major clustered FS. The migration path is therefore very smooth. Red Hat upstream agreed with us to support GFS for a much longer term in order to make gfs -> gfs2 migration smoother.

Unresolved issues

  • conga packaging complexity and licensing (GPL) since it links with openssl.