Note: This is just for laughs (hopefully)


During the Dapper development cycle, a flurry of Ubuntu-related food products came out from the community - must be a bad case of being overworked and overexposed to Ubuntu. Is it good or bad? Should we consider releasing a cookbook and package with the Edgy?


Use cases

They would be very useful for release parties and distro sprints. During the Dapper development cycle, we have seen (and a select few got to taste):





  • Ingredients should be human-friendly
  • We need the people who posted their Ubuntu food to release the code under a OSI-approved license
  • We still have to consider if the license included would be edible too.

Data preservation and migration

There's a big issue on how long these products will last when we start distributing it to hungry end-users. Obviously, someone ordering a soup from shipit won't wait for a month to have his soup fix. Shall we make it powereded instant or canned? Tetra pak or vaccum sealed? We also have to consider that most people expect their pizza to arrive in 20 minutes or else they won't pay for a cold one.

Possibly we could open a global chain of Ubuntu Restaurants. Of course these would need to be opened close to our homes. Ubunteros run the risk of withdrawal if keep away from Ubuntu for to long.

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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