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Why should I care about Ubuntu ?

  • TODO large userbase brought a lot to the FLOSS world, in areas where Debian hasn't succeeded (Desktop for 'normal users')

What is Universe ? And MOTU ?

  • Universe is a section of the Ubuntu archive, which isn't offically supported by Ubuntu. Packages may get promoted or demoted back and forth, but once they are in Universe, they are in the realm of the MOTUs. The MOTUs (or Masters of the Universe) are a bunch of volunteers that merge and sync packages in Ubuntu from Debian or other sources.

What kind of divergence is introduced inside Ubuntu ?

  • TODO

Why does Ubuntu need to change to my packages ?

  • Ubuntu usually needs to make changes to packages so that they will build and work on an Ubuntu system. This is usually due to a library transition that Ubuntu has undergone first, or something similar. In other cases, it is because an Ubuntu user has found a bug (in either the program or the packaging) before someone filed one in the Debian BTS. These changes are usually small and unobtrusive, but there are of course exceptions.

Ubuntu's way of ''contributing to Debian'' really sucks.

  • TODO