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There was a major dispute going on between various participants of the Forums. The details have now been removed from this page:

The issues were ported to the new Forum dispute resolution area and resolved 1.

Much progress has been made on this thread to discuss, address and resolve the broader issues raised by the recent problems. The discussion was very productive and has resulted in the following policy changes:

  • Read-only access to the Jail so that users can see all threads which have been moved (see here).

  • Revision of staff guidelines for deleting posts (which will be discouraged), and implementation of a new secure and trackable methods of editing and moving posts (same link as above).
  • Implementation of a Forum Resolution Team for handling disputes (see here for the proposal, and here for the implementation). This has already had excellent results

  • Consideration will also be given to other proposals made: such as the signing of the code of conduct by staff.

In sum: there has been a very happy and constructive result.

  1. I took it upon myself to port a lot of stuff that may have been posted by others. The grouping of the issues of a few people by smurf complicated things. I took care to address everything and apologize for any inconvenience if something was missed - Azz (1)

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