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Meeting summary

LINK: http://www.wnclug.info/2011/08/ubuntu-friendly_30.html (holstein, 15:01:46)

  • Ubuntu Friendly sprint and comments on the mockups for the websites

LINK: http://arapulido.com/ (roadmr, 15:05:35)

  • Ubuntu Global Jam and Ubuntu Friendly
  • System testing on Oneiric Beta 1 and beyond

ACTION: checkbox developers to email when system testing problem is fixed with instructions on how to get the fix running (roadmr, 15:25:54) LINK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/checkbox/+bug/839675 (roadmr, 15:27:42)

  • Any Other Business

Meeting ended at 15:41:01 UTC.


Action items

  • checkbox developers to email when system testing problem is fixed with instructions on how to get the fix running

People present (lines said)

  • roadmr (47)
  • akgraner (24)
  • victorp (22)
  • IdleOne (5)

  • meetingology (4)
  • holstein (2)
  • ubottu (1)

Full Log

  • 15:01:08 <roadmr> #startmeeting

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    15:01:34 <roadmr> hm, new bot... 15:01:43 * holstein would like to thank akgraner officially for presenting at our LUG yesterday about ubuntu friendly

    15:01:46 <holstein> http://www.wnclug.info/2011/08/ubuntu-friendly_30.html

    15:02:37 <victorp> o/

    15:02:43 <roadmr> victorp, go ahead

    15:02:54 <victorp> I would like to say thanks too to akgraner!

    15:02:55 <victorp> Wink ;)

    15:03:32 <victorp> roadmr, what is the agenda for today?

    15:03:33 <victorp> ..

    15:03:59 <roadmr> ok, first topic on the agenda

    15:04:17 <roadmr> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Friendly sprint and comments on the mockups for the websites

    15:05:03 <roadmr> As you probably know there was an Ubuntu Friendly sprint last week, and a big push was done towards having all the Ubuntu Friendly components ready

    15:05:22 <roadmr> Ara kept a detailed log of work done for the UF sprint on her blog, here's the link if you want to have a look:

    15:05:35 <roadmr> [LINK] http://arapulido.com/

    15:06:56 <roadmr> the blog includes mockups from the website, and the ones shown there are pretty close to what the actual website looks / will look like, so if you'd like to comment, either here or on the mailing list, we'd really appreciate it.

    15:07:12 <akgraner> o/

    15:07:17 <roadmr> akgraner, go!

    15:07:39 <akgraner> I like it! It even makes sense to me --and the mobile stuff +1

    15:08:08 <akgraner> and once I can play around on the site even better...

    15:08:10 <akgraner> ...

    15:09:08 <roadmr> thanks! it's not just mockups, an actual working version of the website is in the works and it looks great, we'll announce on the mailing list when it's available for playing with.

    15:09:19 <akgraner> thank you!

    15:10:46 <akgraner> ...

    15:10:57 <roadmr> well, a lot of UF memberd pitched in, so it's been great teamwork on this.

    15:11:27 <roadmr> So if there are no further comments on this topic (but please remember that we welcome all feedback on the mailing list as well, if you need more time to look at things), let's move on...

    15:12:25 <roadmr> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Global Jam and Ubuntu Friendly

    15:13:16 <roadmr> As I understand it the UGJ was this weekend, and I remember there were going to be some talks about UF. I thought it'd be good to hear something about that here, if anyone can comment on it.

    15:13:22 <akgraner> o/

    15:13:46 <roadmr> akgraner: go ahead!

    15:14:12 <akgraner> The new system testing failed on Oneiric in 3d - so I fell back to Natty and ara's blog posts

    15:14:33 <akgraner> the LUG group I presented it to was really excited and they are looking forward to giving you all feedback

    15:15:03 <akgraner> I will be blogging about it all later today after App Dev Week Day one has ended - but over all the comments were good

    15:15:14 <akgraner> and people are looking forward to participating

    15:15:24 <akgraner> ...

    15:15:48 <roadmr> Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to reading the blog entry on that!

    15:16:52 <akgraner> I'll drop the link in here and the mailing list as well

    15:16:53 <akgraner> ...

    15:17:08 <akgraner> I meant -quality

    15:17:09 <akgraner> ..

    15:17:34 <roadmr> thanks, much appreciated!

    15:18:10 <roadmr> anyone else on UGJ? questions for akgraner maybe?

    15:20:10 <roadmr> ok then, thanks so much for the report akgraner. And apologies on the trouble with system testing on Oneiric, which is actually next topic on the agenda today...

    15:20:31 <roadmr> [TOPIC] System testing on Oneiric Beta 1 and beyond

    15:20:57 <roadmr> First, we have some reports that checkbox (system testing) fails to start on Oneiric, we're tracking down the causes and will have a fix in a bit.

    15:21:07 <victorp> o/

    15:21:25 <roadmr> Also, the actual list of tests that will be done as part of Ubuntu Friendly will be in checkbox 0.12.5, I thought this was supposed to ship with Beta 1 but I have reports that b1 still has version 0.12.4.

    15:21:45 <roadmr> I'll announce in the mailing list when 0.12.5 is available as an update, as we would really appreciate feedback on the tests that run by default.

    15:21:59 <IdleOne> o/

    15:22:07 <roadmr> victorp, go ahead

    15:22:22 <victorp> 12.0.5 intalls when you do update

    15:22:45 <victorp> so

    15:22:48 <victorp> I have installed

    15:22:59 <victorp> b1 and works fine if you do not update

    15:23:12 <victorp> as soon as you install updates system testing stops working

    15:23:17 <victorp> as reported by akgraner

    15:23:29 <victorp> I wonder if it is a problem with 12.0.5

    15:23:36 <victorp> anyhow, once this is fixed

    15:23:45 <victorp> we really need people to submit their systems

    15:23:54 <victorp> so we can test the website with real data

    15:24:17 <victorp> maybe we can send an email when it is fixed and with instructions to update to the latest version

    15:24:18 <victorp> ..

    15:24:59 <roadmr> thanks for the info, will be helpful in pinpointing the cause of the problem!

    15:25:13 <roadmr> yes, we'll try to get this fixed and published ASAP

    15:25:46 <akgraner> o/

    15:25:54 <roadmr> #action checkbox developers to email when system testing problem is fixed with instructions on how to get the fix running 15:25:54 * meetingology checkbox developers to email when system testing problem is fixed with instructions on how to get the fix running

    15:26:10 <roadmr> IdleOne: go ahead!

    15:26:35 <IdleOne> sorry was going to say I am testing checkbox-cli and it seems to be working but it isn't for me.

    15:26:44 <IdleOne> so, no good news.

    15:26:48 <IdleOne> ..

    15:27:18 <roadmr> IdleOne: yep, it's only with the gtk interface.

    15:27:33 <roadmr> If you're interested in following progress solving this, look at this launchpad bug

    15:27:42 <roadmr> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/checkbox/+bug/839675

    15:27:43 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 839675 in checkbox "Gdk.color_parse error in oneiric" [Critical,Confirmed]

    15:28:19 <IdleOne> -gtk won't even start, thanks for the link.

    15:28:30 <roadmr> akgraner: go ahead!

    15:28:33 <akgraner> one I should have checked and tested my system earlier on Friday before my presentation, but also is there a list of who to ping during a milestone over a weekend when things go wrong?

    15:29:19 <akgraner> asking the community to test then not knowing who to ping during the milestone is/was frustrating a little

    15:29:20 <akgraner> ...

    15:30:35 <roadmr> akgraner, well that would be useful to have, some of us may be hanging around during the weekend and may be able to help. We'll see if it's possible to create such a list.

    15:30:57 <akgraner> thank you - not all weekends just during major milestones Smile :-)

    15:30:57 <victorp> o/

    15:30:59 <akgraner> ...

    15:31:07 <roadmr> victorp: go ahead!

    15:31:13 <victorp> should akgraner not just email uf control?

    15:31:59 <roadmr> yep exactly what I was going to say (not poaching victorp's idea, honest!)

    15:32:12 <victorp> hehe

    15:32:13 <victorp> ..

    15:32:28 <roadmr> akgraner: if there's trouble with system testing you can always email ubuntu-friendly mailing list, it's very closely monitored by checkbox developers too

    15:32:52 <akgraner> noted - and will do thanks

    15:32:54 <akgraner> ..

    15:33:02 <roadmr> we could also potentially report showstopper bugs in checkbox to the mailing list, but I'd hesitate to do that as it will be a lot of technobabble

    15:34:29 <roadmr> so maybe a quick heads-up on the mailing list when checkbox has serious trouble would be worth it, all interested parties keep their eye on the list.

    15:35:57 <roadmr> any more comments on system testing on Oneiric?

    15:36:46 <roadmr> ok then, let's move on to...

    15:36:55 <roadmr> [TOPIC] Any Other Business

    15:37:25 <roadmr> got something to share with the Ubuntu Friendly community? now's the chance!

    15:39:02 <roadmr> nothing? Smile :)

    15:39:53 <roadmr> well then, let's wrap up. Don't forget that you can always speak up on the next meeting, or on the ubuntu-friendly mailing list. We like to get feedback!

    15:40:46 <roadmr> thanks everyone for showing up, we really appreciate your comments and participation, we'll get working on the agreed actions, see you next time!

    15:41:01 <roadmr> #endmeeting

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