Testing Checkbox 0.12.8 and cleaning up results

  • The last checkbox upload to Oneiric needs a lot of testing.
  • Everybody is encouraged to submit their systems using the last version of checkbox for Oneiric
  • jedimike will remove old results, so we only have results for Oneiric made with this version of checkbox


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Meeting started by ara at 15:01:24 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-10-03-15.01.log.html .

Meeting summary

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFriendly/Meetings (ara, 15:02:16)

  • Testing Checkbox 0.12.8 and cleaning up results -- ara

ACTION: cr3, jedimike: to remove results, as they are not useful and it is making it impossible to see what's still failing (ara, 15:18:13) ACTION: All to submit at least 1 system using checkbox 0.12.8 by next meeting (ara, 15:18:38)

  • Any Other Business?

Meeting ended at 15:40:52 UTC.


Action items

  • cr3, jedimike: to remove results, as they are not useful and it is making it impossible to see what's still failing
  • All to submit at least 1 system using checkbox 0.12.8 by next meeting

Action items, by person

  • cr3
  • * cr3, jedimike: to remove results, as they are not useful and it is making it impossible to see what's still failing
  • jedimike
  • * cr3, jedimike: to remove results, as they are not useful and it is making it impossible to see what's still failing

People present (lines said)

  • ara (74)
  • cr3 (34)
  • jedimike (30)
  • bladernr (13)
  • brendand (10)
  • Amoz (8)
  • meetingology` (5)
  • roadmr (4)

Full Log

  • 15:01:24 <ara> #startmeeting

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    15:01:46 <ara> The agenda today looks like this:

    15:01:47 <ara> * Testing Checkbox 0.12.8 and cleaning up results -- ara

    15:01:47 <ara> * AOB

    15:02:04 <ara> As usual, I would encourage anyone to add topics to the main meeting wiki page:

    15:02:16 <ara> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFriendly/Meetings

    15:02:29 <ara> #topic Testing Checkbox 0.12.8 and cleaning up results -- ara

    15:02:43 <ara> Most of what we were able to do for the client for Ubuntu Friendly is now done and uploaded to Ubuntu as Checkbox 0.12.8. Now is time to test it as much as possible and start tweaking the server based on the results that we get.

    15:03:00 <cr3> o/

    15:03:03 <ara> What I think that we need to do:

    15:03:03 <ara> * Clean up UF old results (they were made with versions of Checkbox that had too many bugs)

    15:03:03 <ara> * Everybody with an Oneiric system, please, use Checkbox 0.12.8 (not the PPA), and run the tests required for Ubuntu Friendly

    15:03:03 <ara> The idea is to see what numbers are we getting and to see if we need to make changes to the server side.

    15:03:03 <jedimike> o/

    15:03:14 <ara> Any comments?

    15:03:16 <ara> ..

    15:03:22 <ara> cr3, go ahead, please

    15:03:34 <cr3> Should we have an objective to get X number of systems with more than one star for the next meeting, where we could agree on X during this meeting?

    15:03:38 <cr3> ..

    15:03:51 <ara> jedimike, your turn

    15:03:53 <ara> o/

    15:03:56 <cr3> o/

    15:04:20 <jedimike> I was just going to ask how to make sure I'm running the latest checkbox, as I've been using the ppa in the past

    15:04:21 <jedimike> ..

    15:05:19 <ara> OK, to cr3 question, I think we should try to get X number of submissions made with 0.12.8, we cannot guarantee the stars they will get Smile :)

    15:05:45 <ara> jedimike, if you are running Oneiric, apt-get install checkbox version=0.12.8 should do the trick

    15:05:46 <ara> ..

    15:05:53 <ara> cr3, go ahead

    15:05:57 <cr3> We should probably not be considering any Oneiric results before at least RC, I don't think a development release should be considered friendly.. because they're mostly unfriendly anyways Smile :)

    15:06:01 <cr3> ..

    15:06:08 <ara> o/

    15:06:12 <roadmr> o/

    15:06:15 <cr3> ara, go ahead Smile :)

    15:06:47 <jedimike> o/

    15:06:50 <ara> agree, but I think that we need newer data (and cleaning up old one) so we make sure that 0.12.8 will give good results once 11.10 gets released

    15:06:51 <ara> ..

    15:07:00 <ara> roadmr, sir

    15:07:06 <cr3> o/

    15:07:27 <roadmr> um, at the *very* least everyone here should be able to submit a more-than-one-star result, all our laptops should work fine by now

    15:07:37 <roadmr> if not, we'd have to look at why Smile :)

    15:07:38 <roadmr> ..

    15:07:54 <ara> jedimike, your turn

    15:08:08 <brendand> o/

    15:08:27 <bladernr> o/

    15:08:28 <jedimike> the reason I'm asking during this meeting is to that it's on record and everyone can be sure they're running the right version of checkbox

    15:08:43 <jedimike> so, I'm *not* using the ppa, just the default oneiric sources

    15:08:52 <jedimike> and I've done a full apt-get update and upgrade

    15:09:11 <jedimike> and apt-get install checkbox version=0.12.8 complains that it can't find that version

    15:09:45 <jedimike> so I want to make sure the instructions we give here work for people following along Smile :)

    15:09:46 <jedimike> ...

    15:10:04 <ara> cr3, I think it is your turn

    15:10:06 <cr3> ara, I don't understand the purpose of cleaning up the old data, is it to verify that the star systems works? that could be useful for testing purposes, but I think data prior to RC should be removed.

    15:10:10 <cr3> .

    15:10:13 <cr3> .

    15:10:44 <ara> cr3, cleaning up = remove

    15:10:54 <cr3> ara: ah! thanks for the clarification Smile :)

    15:11:05 <ara> sorry for the confusion Smile :)

    15:11:09 <ara> brendand, your turn

    15:11:53 <brendand> for jedimike, and others listening - one thing you can do is 'dpkg -l | grep checkbox'. The PPA version will have 'bzr' in its version number

    15:13:07 <brendand> i guess if you've been using the PPA you might need to 'apt-get remove checkbox', then 'apt-get install' again

    15:13:09 <brendand> ..

    15:13:20 <ara> bladernr, all yours

    15:13:24 <bladernr> So assuming that I'm running 0.12.8 (apt-cache on my x201 says I am) and I run the tests and submit, is there anyting I need to do to get my results to appear in UF (and I'm assuming that is the bit.ly link) I've run checkbox and submitted several times but I've never seen my system appear in the UF listings.

    15:13:29 <bladernr> ..

    15:14:11 <ara> bladernr, when was the last time you run it?

    15:14:13 <cr3> bladernr: results tracker updates from launchpad every hour, ubuntu friendly updates from results tracker every hour too, so it should appear within two hours

    15:14:29 <bladernr> or wherever the site is currently sitting... since the bit.ly link is dead Wink ;-)

    15:14:45 <bladernr> ara: it's been a week or two by now... got busy with other things

    15:14:59 <cr3> crap, I wish the results tracker would show the systems per user:

    15:15:11 <bladernr> cr3: that's what I thought, but i never saw it show up in either place... Oh well, I'll try again today and see what happens.

    15:15:14 <cr3> who the heck wrote that piece of crap Sad :(

    15:15:23 <ara> bladernr, is not here: ?

    15:15:57 <jedimike> o/

    15:16:03 <ara> jedimike, go ahead

    15:16:05 <bladernr> ara: oh what do you know... it DID show up

    15:16:07 <cr3> ara: action item? jedimike, bladernr and I to look into his system?

    15:16:50 <bladernr> ok... forget what I said, it DID end up in there. It just wasn't there previously... I swear! Smile :-)

    15:17:00 <jedimike> I now have checkbox 0.12.8, hurrah! For people who've been using the PPA - you must move it from your sources, apt-get remove checkbox; (this will also uninstall ubuntu-desktop, so don't be surprized by that) and then apt-get install checkbox

    15:17:02 <jedimike> ..

    15:17:10 <ara> o/

    15:17:36 <ara> OK, so couple of action items if you guys agree

    15:18:13 <ara> #action cr3, jedimike: to remove results, as they are not useful and it is making it impossible to see what's still failing 15:18:13 * meetingology` cr3, jedimike: to remove results, as they are not useful and it is making it impossible to see what's still failing

    15:18:38 <ara> #action All to submit at least 1 system using checkbox 0.12.8 by next meeting 15:18:38 * meetingology` All to submit at least 1 system using checkbox 0.12.8 by next meeting

    15:18:44 <ara> ..

    15:18:51 <cr3> o/

    15:18:55 <ara> cr3, go ahead

    15:19:14 <cr3> just to be clear, results will not be removed from the results tracker Smile :)

    15:19:39 <cr3> ..

    15:19:50 <ara> cr3, cool, thanks for the clarification

    15:20:02 <jedimike> o/

    15:20:02 <ara> everybody agrees on the action items, otherwise?

    15:20:04 <bladernr> 0/

    15:20:07 <ara> jedimike, go ahead

    15:20:45 <jedimike> so, the action is for me to remove the current 1-star results from the results tracker, and only import results submitted from current time onwards?

    15:21:20 <jedimike> ..

    15:21:22 <ara> jedimike, also the 4.5 one Wink ;-) as brendand cheated a bit on that one :P

    15:21:28 <jedimike> heh ok

    15:21:40 <ara> bladernr, your turn

    15:21:42 <bladernr> could cr3 or jedimike send an e-mail out to the UF list when the purge is complete so we'll know when to start sending (hopefully) legitimate test results in?

    15:21:44 <bladernr> ..

    15:22:01 <ara> bladernr, good idea, I guess they could Smile :)

    15:22:02 <cr3> bladernr: I think legitimate results should happen when we consider oneiric to be legitimate

    15:22:13 <bladernr> cr3: semi-legitimate then

    15:22:17 <ara> cr3, legitimate results as in legitimate for the action item Smile :)

    15:22:17 <bladernr> or... faux-legitimate

    15:22:40 <cr3> ok, my brain just leaked

    15:22:53 <ara> o/

    15:22:58 <cr3> ara: go ahead

    15:23:02 <brendand> o/

    15:23:05 <jedimike> o/

    15:23:18 <ara> cr3, is it possible to discard submissions that are being done by checkbox < 0.12.8 ?

    15:23:22 <ara> ..

    15:23:49 <cr3> ara: nope, client information is not recorded

    15:23:51 <cr3> ..

    15:23:53 <ara> cr3, thanks

    15:23:55 <ara> brendand, your turn

    15:24:54 <brendand> i'll answer 'no' to bluetooth/file-transfer next time (if it hasn't been removed?)

    15:24:56 <brendand> ..

    15:25:06 <jedimike> o/

    15:25:12 <ara> brendand, it was removed

    15:25:15 <ara> jedimike, your turn

    15:25:27 <Amoz> o/

    15:25:30 <jedimike> there's still a problem with the bluetooth/detect test

    15:25:40 <jedimike> it fails, and checkbox asks you to submit a bug

    15:25:52 <brendand> o/

    15:25:58 <jedimike> looks like the reason it fails is that the bluez-hcidump package isn't installed

    15:26:25 <jedimike> that shouldn't not be installed if we're running checkbox, surely?

    15:26:33 <jedimike> I'm submitting a bug report

    15:26:34 <jedimike> ..

    15:26:46 <ara> Amoz, your turn

    15:27:14 <Amoz> shouldn't it save the client and ubuntu versions (beta, RC etc.) so we can look at the actual progress for a new release in terms of UF:ness?

    15:27:19 <Amoz> ..

    15:27:45 <ara> brendand, your turn

    15:28:00 <cr3> o/

    15:28:50 <brendand> the bluetooth/detect test is just the output of 'hcitool dev'. it doesn't depend on bluez-hcidump. it fails if there is no bluetooth device on the system, which makes sense

    15:28:54 <brendand> ...

    15:29:19 <ara> o/

    15:29:38 <jedimike> o/

    15:29:40 <ara> cr3, go ahead

    15:30:12 <cr3> Amoz: UF'ness is a good point but rather complicated to scale for the ubuntu community because it would require recording all the packages installed in order to detect things like packages installed from PPA, etc.

    15:30:16 <cr3> ..

    15:30:51 <ara> my turn, I guess

    15:31:30 <ara> so, to Amoz, that'd be useful but as cr3, it is very difficult to implement. But we might consider it for future versions

    15:31:39 <cr3> ara: blueprint?

    15:31:40 <ara> to brendand, jedimike on the detect one

    15:31:58 <Amoz> o/

    15:32:39 <jedimike> brendand: I appreciate the test doesn't need hcidump, and when the test fails and it asks me if I want to submit a bug, it asks me to run that command, which isn't installed. It's just confusing that the test is meant to fail if I have no bluetooth hardware, and yet it asks me if I want to submit a bug...

    15:32:55 <jedimike> Being a fan of ubuntu and wanting to improve it, of course I want to submit a bug

    15:33:09 <ara> brendand, the test is not meant to be run if the system does not have bluetooth

    15:33:26 <jedimike> Ah, then that might be the problem, I have no bluetooth hardware and yet the test is running

    15:33:28 <jedimike> ..

    15:33:34 <ara> brendand, or if it is meant to be run, then it shouldn't count as failure in UF

    15:33:43 <ara> brendand, jedimike: let's take this offline

    15:33:53 <ara> Amoz, your turn, agian

    15:34:07 <Amoz> to clarify, if checkbox is able to send the info about whether it's beta1/rc/alpha the UF site could just ignore all the versions except the stable ones.

    15:34:38 <cr3> o/

    15:34:39 <Amoz> this way everyone can see the big picture, but not cluttering the UF site with development releases

    15:34:47 <Amoz> ..

    15:34:53 <ara> cr3, yes, sir

    15:35:45 <cr3> Amoz: accurately detecting beta1, etc. is very complicated. it can only be determined reliably by comparing the set of packages and their versions to the state of the archive within the delta of the release you're interested in... pain! Smile :)

    15:36:18 <Amoz> ah, of course. thanks for clarifying that

    15:36:47 <ara> OK

    15:36:52 <ara> anything else on this topic?

    15:36:57 <cr3> Amoz: the best that can accomplished, with meh accuracy, is checking the output of lsb-release for development vs stable or the kernel version... but, as I said, that's "meh" at best

    15:37:01 <cr3> ..

    15:37:42 <cr3> Amoz: fyi, that was considered pretty important at some point, so likely to be worked on eventually

    15:38:30 <ara> cr3, Amoz: the blueprint that might cover those topics is: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/certify-planning/+spec/hardware-p-cert-selftest

    15:38:56 <cr3> ara: thanks!

    15:39:14 <ara> anything else on this topic, or shall we move on?

    15:39:51 <ara> #topic Any Other Business?

    15:40:02 <ara> Any last minute topic?

    15:40:50 <ara> OK, let's wrap up then

    15:40:52 <ara> #endmeeting

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