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  • Checkbox (Ubuntu Friendly, System Testing) new version available in -proposed, you can help with testing! (brendand)

LINK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/862322 (brendand, 16:07:08) LINK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/877752 (brendand, 16:07:08) LINK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/887049 (brendand, 16:07:08)

  • Any Other Business

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  • 16:01:54 <roadmr> #startmeeting Ubuntu Friendly

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    16:02:04 <roadmr> Hi everyone, welcome to the Ubuntu Friendly meeting!

    16:02:16 <roadmr> Today we have the following topics to talk about:

    16:02:16 <roadmr> Checkbox (Ubuntu Friendly, System Testing) new version available in -proposed, you can help with testing!

    16:02:20 <roadmr> Any Other Business

    16:02:30 <roadmr> As usual, you're welcome to participate, indicate you want to speak by raising your hand (o/). Don't forget to also signal when you're done using ..

    16:02:40 <roadmr> Let's get started!

    16:02:51 <roadmr> [TOPIC] Checkbox (Ubuntu Friendly, System Testing) new version available in -proposed, you can help with testing! (brendand)

    16:02:57 <roadmr> brendand, all yours

    16:03:47 <brendand> After the Ubuntu Friendly programme was launched along with Oneiric back in October we got a lot of feedback about pain points for users of the Checkbox system testing tool

    16:04:18 <brendand> We of course seek to improve Checkbox in whatever way we can, so many of these issues have been addressed and will be resolved in Precise

    16:04:56 <brendand> For some of the issues, we felt the problem was significant enough that it was worth making the effort to include them in the Oneiric version of Checkbox via an SRU

    16:05:07 <brendand> (Stable Release Update)

    16:06:32 <brendand> So we proposed a bunch of fixes and now they are available in the next version of the Checkbox package in Oneiric. This version is still at the 'verification' phase where the fixes need to be tested to make sure they work and don't break anything else

    16:06:46 <brendand> We need your help to do this

    16:06:59 <brendand> There are three bugs left to verify:

    16:07:08 <brendand> https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/862322

    16:07:08 <brendand> https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/877752

    16:07:08 <brendand> https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/887049

    16:07:09 <ubottu> Ubuntu bug 862322 in checkbox (Ubuntu Oneiric) "bluetooth/detect shouldn't run on a system with no Bluetooth device" [Undecided,Fix committed]

    16:07:11 <ubottu> Ubuntu bug 877752 in checkbox (Ubuntu Oneiric) "connect_wireless can unintentionally choose a non-wireless connection to connect to" [Undecided,Fix committed]

    16:07:12 <ubottu> Ubuntu bug 887049 in checkbox (Ubuntu Oneiric) "USB HDD verification seems to be working, yet it's marked as "No"" [Undecided,Fix committed]

    16:07:53 <brendand> To test these fixes, you should enable the -proposed pocket in your sources.list. This can be done in the settings of update-manager

    16:08:08 <brendand> Then run 'apt-get install checkbox'

    16:08:55 <brendand> and carry out the test described in the bug to confirm the fix is working. If it is then change the 'verification-needed' tag to 'verification-done'

    16:09:48 <brendand> If not then set it to 'verification-failed' (although it would be worth commenting to explain what failure you're seeing before doing this)

    16:10:20 <brendand> When you're done with this, you can disable -proposed, otherwise you might get some unwanted updates

    16:10:32 <brendand> Any volunteers?

    16:10:34 <brendand> ...

    16:11:33 <roadmr> o/

    16:12:09 <brendand> roadmr - aren't you the chair? 16:12:12 * roadmr gives roadmr the go-ahead

    16:12:23 <roadmr> heh yes!

    16:12:52 <roadmr> brendand: do you think it'd be worthwhile sending this to the UF mailing list?

    16:13:01 <brendand> roadmr - yes

    16:13:39 <roadmr> ok, great. Also, do you know if there's like a deadline for bug verification, and if so, what happens once we hit the deadline?

    16:15:16 <brendand> roadmr - i would check on ubuntu-release if there is a deadline. i know there is for kernel bugs, but otherwise i'm not sure

    16:15:34 <brendand> roadmr - if there is then i assume the change which fixes the bug would be reverted

    16:15:50 <brendand> (this is all going on my Kernel SRU knowledge)

    16:16:45 <roadmr> brendand: ok, thanks, just something to keep in mind.

    16:17:04 <roadmr> so anyone else on the checkbox SRU verification topic? 16:17:14 * roadmr looks for raised hands

    16:17:56 <roadmr> nobody? Smile :)

    16:18:18 <roadmr> Well then, let's continue with our agenda

    16:18:35 <roadmr> Let's move on to AOB.

    16:18:35 <roadmr> [TOPIC] Any Other Business

    16:18:50 <roadmr> Anything you'd like to talk about with the UF team? Now's your chance! 16:19:04 * roadmr again looks for any more participants

    16:20:09 <roadmr> no takers?

    16:20:24 <roadmr> oh, me!

    16:20:35 <roadmr> I just have one more thing to comment on, we still don't know if we'll have a meeting next Monday (Dec 26th), please check the UF agenda page regularly for an update on this.

    16:21:01 <roadmr> ok, last chance, speak now or until the next UF meeting hold your peace

    16:22:03 <roadmr> heheh well I tried!

    16:22:13 <roadmr> Well I guess this wraps things up for today. Thanks for attending! please remember to help with the Checkbox verification if you can. And remember the mailing list is open to all your UF-related comments and inquiries.

    16:22:39 <roadmr> Thanks! have a good day!

    16:22:45 <roadmr> #endmeeting

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