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  • Introduction of Ubuntu Friendly community to QA Community co-ordinator
  • Checkbox 0.12.9 SRU for Oneiric
  • AOB

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  • brendand (37)
  • roadmr (16)
  • balloons (12)
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  • 16:00:09 <brendand> #startmeeting Ubuntu Friendly

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    16:00:31 <brendand> Hi everyone, welcome to the weekly Ubuntu Friendly meeting

    16:00:41 <roadmr> hey!

    16:00:42 <balloons> hi brendand

    16:01:20 <brendand> topics for today are:

    16:01:46 <brendand> Introduction of Ubuntu Friendly community to QA Community co-ordinator (balloons): brendand

    16:01:46 <brendand> Checkbox 0.12.9 SRU for Oneiric: roadmr

    16:01:46 <brendand> AOB

    16:01:54 <brendand> Let's get started

    16:02:19 <brendand> #topic Introduction of Ubuntu Friendly community to QA Community co-ordinator

    16:02:49 <brendand> I just want to take a moment to introduce balloons, who is the new Ubuntu Community QA co-ordinator

    16:03:15 <balloons> hello everyone!

    16:03:15 <brendand> Since Ubuntu Friendly is a QA community, I imagine we'll be working in close collaboration

    16:04:03 <brendand> For balloons benefit, Ubuntu Friendly is a hardware validation program where people can test their system and upload the results to a site which scores the system according to how well it runs Ubuntu

    16:04:19 <balloons> yes, I will be lurking and coming up to speed on the work everyone is doing here, then we'll see where we can collaborate

    16:04:30 <balloons> I was actually fortunate enough to find and use ubuntu friendly in order to buy a new laptop last month Smile :-)

    16:04:45 <brendand> balloons - great!

    16:04:45 <balloons> so it's nice to meet everyone behind the site. It came in handy

    16:05:16 <brendand> We have this meeting every week, pending there being topics on the agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFriendly/Meetings

    16:05:38 <brendand> If there are no topics we cancel it

    16:06:08 <brendand> That's really it, unless balloons wants to ask questions?

    16:06:31 <brendand> ..

    16:06:48 <balloons> I'm the entire agenda :-

    16:06:52 <balloons> sweet!

    16:06:58 <brendand> balloons, not quite

    16:07:06 <balloons> lol..

    16:07:31 <balloons> yes thank you brendand. I don't have any other questions at this time

    16:08:09 <brendand> balloons - since you're guest of honor today, it's not a problem, but just for future everyone should put their hand up like this: o/ before talking Smile :)

    16:08:34 <brendand> i should actually have put that at the beginning

    16:08:36 <roadmr> o/

    16:08:45 <brendand> roadmr - go

    16:09:02 <roadmr> a question! balloons, where can we find you if we need to discuss something with you?

    16:09:06 <roadmr> ..

    16:09:28 <balloons> o/

    16:09:40 <brendand> balloons?

    16:10:28 <balloons> sure you can find me on irc in different channels, but #ubuntu-testing is a great place. In addition my launchpad page has my email address, and your welcome to email me at any time

    16:10:48 <brendand> balloons - thanks!

    16:10:56 <balloons> my nick is generally always online so your welcome to leave a message as well

    16:11:17 <brendand> okay, moving on to the next topic..

    16:11:24 <brendand> #topic Checkbox 0.12.9 SRU for Oneiric

    16:11:35 <brendand> for which roadmr has the floor

    16:11:47 <roadmr> thanks!

    16:11:51 <roadmr> this is a quick one

    16:12:12 <roadmr> I noticed Daniel Holbach sent a call for sponsors to help review the packages sponsoring queue

    16:12:27 <roadmr> this should help get our pending 0.12.9 SRU respin through

    16:12:47 <roadmr> but if you know any Ubuntu sponsors and are willing to give them a nudge to help checkbox get reviewed and released that'd be great

    16:13:21 <roadmr> we're like 3 months away from 12.04 and we still haven't released the Oneiric SRU - if we don't get it out soon it'll be almost pointless and no Oneiric users will benefit from those fixes Sad :(

    16:14:07 <roadmr> the sponsoring queue is here if you're curious: http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/

    16:14:12 <brendand> o/

    16:14:28 <roadmr> brendand: go ahead!

    16:15:08 <brendand> speaking as a checkbox developer, apart from being more careful and not messing up some of the patches is there anything we could have done to make this go faster?

    16:15:13 <brendand> ..

    16:15:47 <roadmr> brendand: short of directly asking someone with sponsor superpowers, I don't think so

    16:16:18 <roadmr> brendand: I'm not sure if we should somehow withdraw the old merge request, that *may* help things but in any case is not documented anywhere

    16:16:24 <roadmr> that's it really on this topic

    16:16:33 <brendand> ok

    16:16:41 <brendand> finishing off

    16:16:44 <brendand> #topic AOB

    16:16:52 <brendand> Any other business? 16:17:46 * roadmr has nothing else 16:18:37 * brendand neither

    16:18:43 <brendand> going

    16:18:52 <brendand> going

    16:18:59 <brendand> gone

    16:19:06 <brendand> #endmeeting

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