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Meeting summary

  • Checkbox 0.13.5 and Precise Beta 2 (roadmr)

ACTION: roadmr to file bug on the comments feature (roadmr, 16:15:38)

  • Any Other Business

Meeting ended at 16:19:54 UTC.


Action items

  • roadmr to file bug on the comments feature

Action items, by person

  • roadmr
  • * roadmr to file bug on the comments feature

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  • roadmr (33)
  • ara (6)
  • meetingology (4)
  • ubottu (1)

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  • 16:01:08 <roadmr> #startmeeting Ubuntu Friendly

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    16:01:13 <roadmr> Hi everyone, welcome to the Ubuntu Friendly meeting!

    16:01:54 <roadmr> Today we have the following topics to talk about:

    16:02:02 <roadmr> * Checkbox 0.13.5 and Precise Beta 2 (roadmr)

    16:02:02 <roadmr> * Any Other Business

    16:02:12 <roadmr> As usual, you're welcome to participate, to do so, indicate you want to speak by raising your hand (o/). Don't forget to also signal when you're done using ..

    16:03:12 <roadmr> Let's get started with the agenda!

    16:03:12 <roadmr> [TOPIC] Checkbox 0.13.5 and Precise Beta 2 (roadmr)

    16:03:20 <roadmr> We want to try to include a new version of Checkbox (0.13.5) in Precise Beta 2, to get as much exposure and bug reports/fixes as possible in this important milestone.

    16:03:31 <roadmr> This is not a done deal yet, we expect to prepare the upload tomorrow and the Beta freeze deadline is this Thursday. But I'll send a message to the mailing list if we manage to make it on time.

    16:04:02 <roadmr> If so, expect this new version of Checkbox to land with Beta 2 on March 29th!

    16:04:23 <roadmr> So once again, we'd like to ask for your help in running it and reporting any bugs you may find (by running ubuntu-bug checkbox, for instance).

    16:04:44 <roadmr> This will allow us to continue fixing those bugs in time for the 12.04 release.

    16:05:33 <roadmr> Note that thanks to the awesome work from both community and the Checkbox team, we had a large number of bugfixes which will hopefully make it into 0.13.5. Thanks everyone!

    16:05:58 <ara> o/

    16:06:19 <roadmr> ara: go ahead!

    16:06:32 <ara> are we going to try https://bugs.launchpad.net/checkbox/+bug/957090 to be part of that upload?

    16:06:34 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 957090 in checkbox "[UIFe] [Checkbox Qt] The welcome tab is confusing a lot of users" [Undecided,In progress]

    16:06:43 <ara> what about the comments field?

    16:07:34 <roadmr> ara: if we manage to get the exception approved, yes, ideally

    16:07:53 <roadmr> ara: about the comments field thing, there's a bug about that, do you think we'd also need UIFe for that?

    16:08:15 <ara> roadmr, yes, if we want it in precise we will need both uife and ffe

    16:09:07 <roadmr> ara: ok, so I guess it depends on the paperwork being done in time then. I'd prefer to avoid a scramble like we had for 0.13.3, preparing everything at the last possible minute

    16:09:38 <ara> roadmr, OK, let's give us today to get the paperwork done for those two

    16:10:26 <ara> roadmr, what's the bug number for the comment field?

    16:10:32 <roadmr> ara: let me find it... 16:11:49 * roadmr looking

    16:12:29 <roadmr> ara: ok, I lied, there's no bug about the comment thing Sad :( so far it's a [FEATURE]

    16:13:49 <roadmr> but I agree on trying to get those bugs today and starting with the upload tomorrow

    16:14:54 <roadmr> ok, shall we move on?

    16:15:38 <roadmr> [ACTION] roadmr to file bug on the comments feature 16:15:38 * meetingology roadmr to file bug on the comments feature

    16:16:43 <roadmr> ok let's move on then Smile :)

    16:16:48 <roadmr> [TOPIC] Any Other Business

    16:16:55 <roadmr> Anything else you'd like to discuss, comment on, or bring to the team's attention? now's your chance!

    16:18:33 <roadmr> any takers? Smile :)

    16:19:04 <roadmr> nobody?

    16:19:15 <roadmr> last chance! Smile :)

    16:19:26 <roadmr> Well I guess this wraps things up for today. Thanks for attending! Remember the mailing list is open to all your UF-related comments and inquiries.

    16:19:47 <roadmr> Thanks ara and everyone else! have a good day!

    16:19:54 <roadmr> #endmeeting

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