The Ubuntu Friendly programme is composed of mainly two teams, the Ubuntu Friendly Squad and the Ubuntu Friendly Control.

The UF Control is a subteam of UF Squad with special privileges. Everything that applies to UF Squad, applies to Control as well.

Ubuntu Friendly Squad

The Ubuntu Friendly Squad are the people involved in the programme. The programme is in its very early stages, but if you want to get involved now, join the team and make sure to subscribe to the mailing list.

Triaging Results

The main task of the Ubuntu Friendly Squad is triaging the results that users are uploading.

The results can arrive incomplete or corrupted. The system won't accept this result for UF status, but they will go to a queue that the Squad can look at and contact the submitter indicating what's wrong or missing.

The results that are complete enough will be taken into account by the system for the UF status of a particular, but the UF squad will be able to vote up or down an accepted result and comment on it. Those votes up or down won't affect UF status, but they will appear in the Ubuntu Friendly list.


Another important task for the UF Squad is documentation. We need documentation:

  • About the programme itself, how it works, what does it mean for a system to be UF, etc.
  • About how to write new tests for Checkbox
  • About how to test your own machine
  • Documentation for the squad members: how to triage results, etc.


As any new programme, Ubuntu Friendly will need a lot of marketing (blogs, twitter, forums, etc.). The programme will only be successful if we get a lot of test submissions from various types of hardware. The programme needs to be known by the whole Ubuntu Community.

Writing New Tests

We will document how to write new tests for Ubuntu Friendly.

Coding Checkbox core

We will document how to contribute to the main testing tool of Ubuntu Friendly.

Ubuntu Friendly Control

The Ubuntu Friendly Control are the administrators of the program. This is a subteam of UF Squad and, apart from the tasks of the squad, the members of the UF Control can:

  • Override the algorithm that marks a system as UF:
    • Remove results that are harmful
    • Remove systems from the Ubuntu Friendly list
  • Approve new members into Ubuntu Friendly Control
  • Remove people from the Ubuntu Friendly Squad

How to become Ubuntu Friendly Control

During the development of the programme (Oneiric development cycle), -control will be opened only to members of Canonical Hardware Certification team. The reason for this is that the programme is not mature enough and its processes are not in place and they still need to be defined.

The Squad members can apply to be part of the Ubuntu Friendly Control team. The members of the Squad applying to Control will need to demonstrate their knowledge about Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Friendly Programme. They will also need to show examples of their work within the Ubuntu Friendly Squad.

To apply, they will send their application using a template to the UF Control mailing list (<>).

Example of things that will be taken into account to approve an UF Control application:

  • Number of completed and correct submissions
  • Triaging of results
  • Participation in other testing (ISO, Pairwise, Laptop, etc)
  • Written documentation
  • Tests written
  • References

The UF Control members will review the application and will endorse or reject the application individually. An accepted application needs over half of +1 votes, with a minimum of 7 -control participants as quorum.

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