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Ubuntu Friendly is an open hardware validation programme for desktops, netbooks and laptops that will be developed during the Oneiric cycle and that will allow to validate as "Ubuntu Friendly" those systems that are known to work well with a particular release of Ubuntu, based on test results sent by Ubuntu users.

The program and brand will be owned by Canonical (just as Ubuntu trademark is owned by Canonical), but all the processes will be open and there won't be any commercial requirements for systems to be Ubuntu Friendly.

Ubuntu Friendly is not a certification programme and won't substitute the Ubuntu Certified programme. UF is a community driven hardware validation programme. Its goal is to have a list of systems that people have tested with a particular release of Ubuntu and an associated rating, based on the results of their testing.

Let's say is the next generation HardwareSupport wiki pages (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Laptops), but with a better structure, as the tests will be written upfront, and the process to get a rating for a system will be the same for every system.


Ubuntu Friendly


The process for a system to appear in the Ubuntu Friendly site is defined in the /Process subpage.


We have created a project in Launchpad, to be able to organize the tasks needed:


The Ubuntu Friendly Programme is composed of mainly two teams, the Ubuntu Friendly Squad and the Ubuntu Friendly Control. Read more about the teams in the /Teams page.


A growing list of frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ page.

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