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The goal of our distribution is to bring the GNOME experience to the Ubuntu desktop. That means we use the latest technologies available, such as GTK+3 and GNOME Shell. The desktop mainly consists of GNOME's visual elements. Adwaita is the brand new visual style that came up with the beautiful GNOME 3.0.


In this release, for the first time, we are using an according branding for a project of this magnitude, following both Ubuntu's and GNOME's brand guidelines.

The logo1 consists in the fusion of the most important visual elements from both Ubuntu and GNOME.


The default wallpaper is called FootFall. It's simple and has the spirit of GNOME.

Also, GNOME 3.10 comes with an updated, modern version of Stripe, a wallpaper that changes according to the local time in order to reduce eye fatigue.




Adwaita 2 is GNOME's default GTK+ theme.


GNOME's default icon theme.



We are shipping a new Plymouth theme, inspired in GNOME's design philosophies.

  1. A complete set of logos is available in the Artwork Creation Kit. (1)

  2. If you want to use the last stable version of artwork packages (theme, icons, etc.) with latest changes add this PPA: gnome3-team/gnome3. However, have in mind that the PPA will also update additional packages. (2)

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