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The Communication Team will be responsible of:

  1. Spreading the word of Ubuntu GNOME
  2. Internal and External Communications between the team members and between the members and users of Ubuntu GNOME
  3. Administrating Ubuntu GNOME Social Media Sites
  4. Administrating Ubuntu GNOME Website

Join Us

We are always looking for willing individuals to join the Ubuntu Gnome Marketing and Communications Team. Participants do not need to have any development skills but should have a passion to help spread the word about Ubuntu Gnome and its accomplishments on social media and in person. If you feel you are a fit, join our Launchpad Group and introduce yourself. Bilingual team members are a huge plus! Communications Team on Launchpad.


The Ubuntu Gnome Marketing and Communications Team publishes a monthly report on community involvement. This report is public and will give users a retrospective view on the changes in community engagement. You are free to view this report on our Reports Page.

If you wish to view the legacy reports page, you may do so here.

Our Channels

Connecting with the Ubuntu GNOME Team is Easy, Aside from our primary Ubuntu Gnome Mailing List/Launchpad Group we are also active on various popular social media sites. Please feel free to follow us for the latest.

Meet The Members of Communications Team

Ubuntu GNOME Team Members

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