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What is a Sub-Team

  • Group of people willing to help on a specific area.

  • Need to be active : It's essential that people of the team are active. It's not necessary to be active on a daily base, but a minimal participation is necessary, so we don't have 'ghost members' in the teams. It's better to leave the team temporary if we don't have time on the short-term, and enter it again after.
  • Participation can be done by members outside the team: of course, other people can help, without the need to be part of the team. For example, you can contribute on some Wiki pages without to be part of the Wiki Team. But, if you want to do more in a more organized approach, it's better to join that specific area/team, so you can coordinate with other members.
  • Free to organize themselves : each sub-team will be responsible to organize itself as a team with the help of each member of that sub-team according to the needs, to the tasks, etc. After all, each sub-team will work for the greater good of Ubuntu GNOME.
  • Keep everyone informed of any significant changes on the sub-team by use of the general mailing list and/or the mailing list of each Sub-Team because each Sub-Team has its own mailing list.

  • Please make sure to maintain a high level of internal communications with your team. For example, if you are going for vacation or leave, if you are busy with a project or Real Life, please leave a nice and gentle note to your sub team (each sub-team has its own mailing list) OR set an auto-reply on your email client.

Ubuntu GNOME Sub-Teams

Human Resources

Our Newest Addition to Ubuntu GNOME Family. For the very first time, not only in Ubuntu GNOME Community but within all Ubuntu Communities (Ubuntu + Official Flavours); Ubuntu GNOME Team has taken the initiative and the productivity by establishing the very first Human Resource (Recruiting) Sub-Team within Ubuntu Communities. This Sub-Team will focus on recruiting new blood to our team. For more details, please see the official announcement.


Ubuntu GNOME Packaging (Contributing Developers) Team for people that contribute towards Ubuntu GNOME development. This team is meant to serve a bridge between the other teams that get upload access (gnome3-team for the PPA's and Ubuntu-gnome-dev for the main archive) - See the official announcement.


This area has so much fun and bring lots of experience. Excited to plan for the upcoming release of Ubuntu GNOME? Interested to learn about Project Management? come up with an idea, discuss it with the team, improve it, finalize it and find the best solution to any problem? do you believe in "All Of Us Are Smarter Than Any One Of Us."? then you are looking at the right place to start helping our team.

Testing and Reporting Bugs

You found a bug in Ubuntu GNOME and you want to help fixing it ? You like tweaking your system, and find problems? You can't wait 6 months to try out the next version of Ubuntu GNOME? Please, help the great testing team and join Ubuntu GNOME QA Team. Please, head to Testing Section for more details about testing.


You want to help us by writing Documentation and maintain the Wiki Area? Join the most active Sub-Team of Ubuntu GNOME.

Marketing and Communications

You are a happy Ubuntu GNOME user, and you want to share it? Want to make Ubuntu GNOME more widely known? Are you familiar with the Social Media (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)? Are you a Linux Advocate and Supporter? Interested in spreading the word of Ubuntu GNOME? Ever wanted to do something related to Marketing? this is your chance.

Artwork & Design

Do you have any Graphics Design Skills? Would you like your work to be seen by many all over the world? Interested to make Ubuntu GNOME looks better? don't think twice, you can do it.


Your language is not completely supported and you want to help? You master more than one language?

Developing and Coding

Are you a developer? Do you have the skills to create programs and code? Are you willing to improve the applications included in Ubuntu GNOME? then it would be great to have your help and support.

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