an excerpt from #ubuntu-meeting

[19:02] <jono> folks, take a beady eyed look at
[19:03] <nellery> hey all
[19:03] <Paul2> weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[19:03] <BUGabundo> hi Ursinha
[19:03]  * evanrmurphy beads his eyes
[19:03] <jono> so, the other day I announced the new campaign
[19:03] <Ging> i tried  twitter from the motorway last weekend, it was a bad idea
[19:03] <jono> and the idea is to kick an epic amount of ass
[19:03]  * BUGabundo tries to click on the link, but its running away
[19:03] <jono> to put together a global event in which ubuntu fans get together to really make a difference
[19:03] <BUGabundo> hey nhandler
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[19:04] <jono> and to bring innocent bystanders into our devious little meetings to show them the ubuntu spirit
[19:04] <JayFo> muhahaha
[19:04] <jono> and to get them psyched about joining our community
[19:04] <mhall119|work> the great ubuntu conspiracy
[19:04] <BUGabundo> jono: and to kill LP yet again ?
[19:04] <jono> actually, that does need an evil laugh from everyone
[19:04] <jono> mwahahahaa
[19:04] <JayFo> heh
[19:04]  * jcastro crests his fingers.
[19:04] <Ging> is there such a thing as an  opensource conspiracy?
[19:04] <L1pe> hi guys
[19:04] <txwikinger_work> mwahahahaa
[19:04] <jono> hehe
[19:04] <popey> Can we have freaking laser beams?
[19:04] <infocop411> Ging: good question
[19:04]  * JayFo is a trend setter
[19:04] <SiDi> jono: then you shall package an irc script to trigger the evil laugh
[19:04] <jono> ok, so to make this event rock I think we need two things:
[19:05]  * txwikinger_work puts his tin hat on
[19:05] <JayFo> one millon dollars!
[19:05] <nellery> beer?
[19:05] <jono> firstly....
[19:05] <jono> EVENTS
[19:05] <jono> we need lots of people organizing events
[19:05] <jcastro>
[19:05] <evanrmurphy> sup L1pe ;)
[19:05] <kecskebak> Event handlers?
[19:05] <jono> I think we need to promote the Global Jam in our own community first to get a good roster of events
[19:05] <jono> there is no point us spreading the word outside the community if we have a handful of events
[19:05] <JayFo> I smell an excuse to party
[19:05] <infocop411> how about a opensorce driver for goldeneye
[19:05] <BUGabundo> jono: already doing that on regular basis here!
[19:06] <jono> so, kudos to the Birmingham team for getting the first one on that page
[19:06] <jono> who else here is planning on organizing an event?
[19:06]  * JayFo raises his hand
[19:06] <dariusH> Will add wales to the list now
[19:06] <Guest76971> We will have an event in Chicago
[19:06] <conch> hey jono thanks!!! (q wright)
[19:06] <mhall119|work> #ubuntu-us-fl is having one
[19:06] <jono> conch, :)
[19:06] <jcastro> (even if you don't have a location nailed down, put pending or something in your entry)
[19:06] <L1pe> ubuntu-ar in planning one too
[19:06]  * evanrmurphy applauds the Birmingham team
[19:07] <jcastro> (so we at least have an idea of how many teams plan to participate)
[19:07] <mhall119|work> at my house, actually
[19:07] <jono> if you folks could start making some plans this week and updating that would be awesome
[19:07] <Guest76971> jcastro: I'll add an entry for Chicago later today
[19:07] <pedro_> I've commented the event the Tuesday during our monthly meeting, we only need to decide the date
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[19:08] <jcastro> sometimes it takes a while to get a venue etc, which is why we're starting as early as possible to give locos time
[19:08] <clickwir> I'm not much of an organizer, but I'd love to goto a meeting in my area.
[19:08] <sebsebseb> clickwir: same here I guess
[19:08] <popey> clickwir: encourage someone else to orgnise then :)
[19:08] <JayFo> yeah, I have been encountering the same for installfest
[19:08] <mhall119|work> jono: can we still count if our jam isn't on that weekend?
[19:08] <popey> clickwir: use powers of persuasion
[19:08] <jcastro> mhall119|work: you can have a jam whenever you want
[19:09] <nhandler1> jcastro: One idea that we had was to setup some live video streams of the events
[19:09] <jcastro> yes, that would be a great idea?
[19:09]  * txwikinger_work still tries to find a way to have Internet and PCs available for a jam
[19:09] <mhall119|work> jcastro: well I know that, but can we put ourself on the list for the global jam?
[19:09] <jcastro> what else do you guys think we should be encouraging people to do?
[19:09] <popey> jcastro: putting presentations online
[19:09] <jcastro> mhall119|work: sure, just make sure it's clear that you're early or late, as long as people don't get confused
[19:09] <infocop411> or even a video uploaded later, if wifi isn't handy
[19:09] <JayFo> I think I am going to merge my installfest with a bug jam
[19:09] <popey> jcastro: like "how to package" in simple slides
[19:09] <popey> jcastro: and "how to find good bugs"
[19:09] <mhall119|work> cool, we're going to coincide ours with Florida Linux SHow
[19:09] <jcastro> JayFo: that would be great, because you can pool resources
[19:09] <BUGabundo> jcastro: I've read success stories of ppl that helped , even if they didn't knew what FOSS/Ubuntu was.
[19:09] <popey> jcastro: so at the events people can give short 10-15 mins talks
[19:09] <JayFo> right
[19:10] <nhandler1> +1 popey. I think if we had pre-made presentations people could give, it would be great
[19:10] <BUGabundo> jcastro: we could get more of those too
[19:10] <JayFo> nhandler, I agree
[19:10] <jcastro> popey: yes, we should encourage people to put their presentations from last Jams under /Jams
[19:10] <jcastro> does anyone have presentations handy?
[19:10] <mhall119|work> BUGabundo: I can post one of those
[19:10] <jcastro> we can start putting them up there now
[19:10] <popey> jcastro: stick them in bzr ;)
[19:10] <nhandler1> jcastro: I'm sure I could get a copy of the one j1mc gave at our release party
[19:10] <jcastro> popey: let's go with putting them on the wiki for now
[19:10] <popey> ok
[19:11] <jcastro> popey: I want to avoid having to tell people "go learn DVCS" when all they want is slides
[19:11] <jcastro> popey: probably a good idea to stick them in bzr for advanced users as well though
[19:11] <jono> sorry, folks, back
[19:11] <jcastro> ok
[19:11] <jono> got a quick call
[19:11] <jcastro> so so far we have
[19:11] <jono> I have submerged the phone in acid
[19:11] <jcastro> packaging, bug, and translation jams
[19:11] <jono> and docs
[19:11]  * jcastro adds to the wiki
[19:11] <nhandler1> jono: Could you maybe create a wiki page explaining how to setup a live video stream?
[19:11] <popey> jcastro / jono be good to get approved locos to _lead_ by example
[19:12] <jcastro> popey: \o/
[19:12] <popey> put "pressure" on the approved ones that they should be showing the unapproved ones how to do it
[19:12] <JayFo> ++
[19:12] <popey> and of course the unapproved ones can use this as ammuntion for going for approval later
[19:12] <JayFo> indeed
[19:12] <dpm> what about the translations jams, have you guys got any ideas or suggestions for them?
[19:12] <mhall119|work> there should be a Big Brothers/Big Sisters, only with approved/unapproved locos
[19:12] <jono> nhandler, I am not very knowledgeable on that - maybe someone else can
[19:12] <jono> popey, entirely agree
[19:13] <nhandler1> jono: Maybe just outline what you did to get the At Home With Jono Bacon working
[19:13] <jdardon> nhandler1 theres a package called webcam-server you can do it with that
[19:13] <jono> nhandler, oh, sure, I can help with that
[19:13] <popey> be better if people turn up rather than just watch geeks on video
[19:13] <jono> so do you folks think we need a few sessions on organizing events/
[19:13] <jono> I think that could be useful
[19:13] <jono> maybe by a team that organized an event at the global bug jam
[19:13] <nhandler1> popey: That is true, but it would be cool getting to watch some other LoCos jam
[19:13] <popey> (although I appreciat that there is a certain type of person who enjoys watching geeks in a 320x200 window)
[19:14] <jcastro> we can definately do some loco-to-loco training between now and then "how to run a good bug jam" etc
[19:14] <BUGabundo> hey tgpraveen
[19:14] <tgpraveen> hey BUGabundo
[19:14] <czajkowski> nhandler1: it would actually, be kinda fun too
[19:14] <evanrmurphy> translations jams may be tricky some of the l10n teams are very dispersed. Maybe coalesce the best we can and be sure to meet on IRC.
[19:14] <tgpraveen> saw your msg and came
[19:14] <BUGabundo> jcastro: I'll try to push it to our LoCo
[19:14] <BUGabundo> we already have the place!
[19:15] <czajkowski> evanrmurphy: we're having a summer jam in 2 weeks bugs and translations, so we're gonna see how it goes.
[19:15] <BUGabundo> maybe we can make to events,... not sure
[19:15] <popey> czajkowski: mail the podcast with the details so we can promote it!
[19:15] <evanrmurphy> czajkowski: is it global?
[19:15] <czajkowski> evanrmurphy: nope Ireland
[19:15] <czajkowski> popey: okie dokie will do
[19:15] <dpm> czajkowski: that sounds brilliant. I'm looking forward to see how it goes
[19:15] <jono> so can we first decide if we think some IRC tuition sessions would be good?
[19:16] <jcastro> yes
[19:16] <jono> I am also planning on a tuition video on my vidcast
[19:16] <jcastro> for sure they are, we did them last time
[19:16] <jono> I can schedule that for next week
[19:16] <jcastro> put me in for 1 or 2 "how to run a successful jam" sessions
[19:16] <jono> who would like to do the IRC session?
[19:16] <jono> jcastro, great, can you schedule them today and announce them/
[19:16] <jono> also update the page
[19:16] <jcastro> yep
[19:16] <jono> cheers pal
[19:16] <nhandler1> Could we also try to put up some example jam schedules on the wiki as well as some example material
[19:16] <jono> I will do the video thing on Wed next week
[19:16] <popey> jono: make sure you pimp the videos ahead of time!
[19:17] <jono> popey, will do for sure
[19:17] <jono> will blog and put on the website
[19:17] <popey> send to loco contacts
[19:17] <keffie_jayx> jono, I did mention marketing
[19:17] <jono> popey, will do
[19:17] <jono> keffie_jayx, yeah?
[19:17] <popey> thanks :)
[19:17] <JayFo> better put out some kind of notice today jono so I can get the word out here
[19:17] <promeme> hi from Guatemala
[19:17] <JayFo> :)
[19:17] <keffie_jayx> jono, lots of people interested in getting together and tidying stuff like spreadubutnu and the like
[19:17] <evanrmurphy> czajkowski: that does sound great.
[19:17] <jono> JayFo, I will announce today
[19:17] <JayFo> k
[19:17] <jono> keffie_jayx, ahhh yes
[19:18] <jono> I think thats totally cool for a jam
[19:18] <keffie_jayx> jono, could we explore the possibility of seeing how we can incorporate that post october UGJ
[19:18] <jono> keffie_jayx, totally
[19:18] <jono> I think with each event we expand where it make sense
[19:18] <jono> so, quick q
[19:18] <jono> who here has a blog?
[19:19] <jono> m/
[19:19] <jono> o/
[19:19] <evanrmurphy> hi promeme
[19:19] <popey> o/
[19:19] <keffie_jayx> o/
[19:19] <linuxninja> I have a blog
[19:19] <JayFo> akgraner does :-)
[19:19] <JayFo> heh
[19:19] <jdardon> promeme: 0/
[19:19] <BUGabundo> JayFo: eheh
[19:19] <JayFo> hee hee
[19:19] <promeme> hi evanmurphy!
[19:19] <BUGabundo> jono: jneves has one too!
[19:19] <jdardon> 0/
[19:19] <promeme> Here in Guatemala we have a Blog!
[19:19] <keffie_jayx> para preguntas en español pm a mi
[19:19] <nhandler1> I can get a blog post out
[19:19] <promeme> jdardon 0/
[19:19] <jono> can I ask you all to blog the Ubuntu Global Jam ?
[19:20] <jono> also remember it is NOT the Ubuntu Global 'Bug' Jam
[19:20] <L1pe> o/
[19:20] <jneves> BUGabundo, jono: 3 actually: personal, ubuntu-pt and others
[19:20] <linuxninja> jono: I'll post something...
[19:20] <nhandler1> jono: I'll get something up by the weekend
[19:20] <linuxninja> I won't be able to go to a "Jam" event or host one.
[19:20] <linuxninja> :(
[19:20] <promeme> I think we can support to post it into too!
[19:20] <jcastro> linuxninja: internet participation is always welcome
[19:21] <linuxninja> jcastro: Cool!
[19:21] <itnet7> sure will blog about it!
[19:21] <patriconway> will there be a link on the main site, so that us who don't have blogs could tweet or facebook it?
[19:21] <jono> btw
[19:21] <promeme> somebody else from Guatemala here?
[19:21] <jono> awesome, I think getting the word out on our blogs makes total sense
[19:21] <jcastro> jono: !
[19:21] <nhandler1> jono: That reminds me, microblogging is a great way to get the word out
[19:21] <jcastro>
[19:21] <jcastro> is the page you want to link to
[19:21] <jono> jcastro, no, look at the recent tweet on that feed
[19:22] <jono> @jonobacon IRC is blocked. Tell our regards to Ubuntu Global Jam from Iran. I'm twitting the #iranElection story from a Kubuntu machine :)
[19:22] <BUGabundo> nhandler over done already?
[19:22] <jono> :)
[19:22] <jcastro> yeah I saw that!
[19:22] <jono> ahhh
[19:22] <jono> ok, thanks all for blogging
[19:22] <jcastro> I was responding to patriconway
[19:22] <jcastro> who wanted a link
[19:22] <itnet7> I think it's important for those with only twitter to take a moment to join and link their accounts, two birds one stone!
[19:22] <jono> and microblogging is valid as nhaines says
[19:22] <promeme> is already any art/banner designed?
[19:22] <jono> nhandler rather
[19:22] <evanrmurphy> I'll make efforts to get Jam events in Texas and Pennsylvania (in TX now, PA in October)
[19:22] <jcastro> promeme: help welcome on that front!
[19:23] <pleia2> yep, we'll have something in PA
[19:23] <pleia2> er US-PA :)
[19:23] <jono> great to see more events on appearing :)
[19:23] <jono> damn, we need to add a When column on the tables
[19:23] <jono> oops
[19:23] <keffie_jayx> jcastro, can we use the live-streaming ?
[19:23] <itnet7> When we secure our teams involvement we'll post about Florida's events
[19:23] <jono> jcastro, could you go fix that for me now?
[19:23] <jcastro> experienced loco people: I have a added a list for prep tutorials, feel free to add more if you have something to share with people
[19:23] <jono> so people can specify which dates the jam will happen
[19:23] <jcastro> jono: on it
[19:24] <jono> jcastro, cheers dude
[19:24] <jcastro> keffie_jayx: yeah, live streaming would be awesome
[19:24]  * itnet7 goes to check to see if someone hasn't already added any
[19:24] <mhall119|work> itnet7: too late
[19:24] <JayFo> can I put more than one Jam jono or jcastro? I want to do a preliminary Jam to work any bugs out before Oct.
[19:24]  * keffie_jayx though of live-streming, uds style
[19:24] <jono> JayFo, do as many as you like!
[19:24] <jono> :)
[19:24] <itnet7> Thanks mhall119|work !!
[19:25] <JayFo> cool :)
[19:25] <mhall119|work> itnet7: feel free to prettify it with proper links and such
[19:25] <jono> I think what we really need help with here is helping teams understand how to do a jab
[19:25] <mhall119|work> I didn't want to keep the page open for editing for any longer than necessary
[19:25] <itnet7> Will do when some of the wiki activity dies down
[19:25] <evanrmurphy> hola fmolinero
[19:26] <linuxninja> It seems to me these "Jam" events are for geeks and not end users....
[19:26] <JayFo> not mine linuxninja
[19:26] <linuxninja> I would like to see more focus on the end user who doesn't know anything
[19:26] <JayFo> I'm doing a combi-installfest too
[19:26] <linuxninja> JayFo: Good
[19:26] <conch> end users can triage many simple bugs
[19:26] <mhall119|work> build days/install fests are good ways to get non-geeks involved
[19:26] <JayFo> I think the best way to find doc bugs is for new people to work through them
[19:26] <BUGabundo> linuxninja:  I've read success stories of ppl that helped , even if they didn't knew what FOSS/Ubuntu was.
[19:27] <patriconway> installfests are fun!!
[19:27]  * jcastro wrecks the wifi
[19:27] <jcastro> fixing!
[19:27] <JayFo> :-O
[19:27] <popey> we had a guy turn up at ours who wanted his computer fixed :)
[19:27] <JayFo> hahaha
[19:27] <popey> completely new to ubuntu
[19:27] <jono> ok, I am going to schedule my video now so we can announce, one sec
[19:27] <jcastro> you can even do hardware testing
[19:28] <jcastro> so like, if a non geek shows up with a laptop
[19:28] <JayFo> that is the plan jcastro
[19:28] <BUGabundo> popey: today we have a LoCoTeam and a brand new guy is poping by
[19:28] <jcastro> fire up a live CD
[19:28] <jcastro> get info, submit, done!
[19:28] <JayFo> yep :)
[19:28] <JayFo> great minds...
[19:28] <linuxninja> BUGabundo: I think good ideas can come from just about anywhere
[19:29] <akgraner> I was thinking an all things ubuntu flexible and just go with it....
[19:29] <promeme> how do we shall confirm our participation in this global jam guys?
[19:29] <JayFo> akgraner, good idea
[19:29] <jcastro> promeme: add an event to the page
[19:29] <JayFo> we can do the quick talks like jcastro was saying'
[19:29] <gotunandan> linuxninja: i think end users can get involved in 5-a-day
[19:29] <jcastro> promeme: we don't track per person, just groups
[19:29] <JayFo> while we do install/doc/hardware
[19:29] <promeme> ok, I guess JDardon can do it, so, we are aboard as Guatemala Team!
[19:30] <gotunandan> linuxninja:
[19:30] <linuxninja> gotunandan: I'll check that out
[19:30] <promeme> ah, jcastro, understood, I mean as Guatemala Team... jeje
[19:31] <jcastro> no worries
[19:31] <jcastro> are there any other things you guys might need from us?
[19:31] <conch> you need a brief "how to do it" presentation at the start of each day because different people turn up
[19:31] <jcastro> as far as helping you make an awesome evetn
[19:31] <linuxninja> I think too many people see Ubuntu/Linux as a geek thing. While this "Jam" event is very cool and will help Ubuntu. I think we need more end user events of some kind.
[19:31] <conch> linuxninja: you are absolutely right
[19:32] <mhall119|work> did anyone post the Running an Event link?  If not, here:
[19:32] <BUGabundo> linuxninja: a room filled with PCs is always geek
[19:32] <jcastro> mhall119|work: I just added the Jams header to the Global Page, so the instructions should be more obvious now
[19:32] <evanrmurphy> linuxninja: I agree as well. But I think the Jam should go on, we should just get some end-user events going on too.
[19:32] <war_> mhall119|work: sorry to interfere, but the content of this link is completely insufficient
[19:32] <promeme> everyone has a geek inside!
[19:32] <WanderingKnight> linuxninja: over here in Argentina team we've been seeing lots of end users but very few able geeks willing to actively participate
[19:32] <linuxninja> BUGabundo: These days everyone has a computer. Not everyone has Ubunut on it though....
[19:33] <jcastro> evanrmurphy: we always encorage people to run jams on their own whenever they want
[19:33] <WanderingKnight> I believe it's very good to try something like this
[19:33] <jcastro> evanrmurphy: some do, some don't, some do but not tell people, etc.
[19:33] <JayFo> linuxninja, that is a shame :)
[19:33] <mhall119|work> war_: is there something you'd like to add to it, or something more you need?
[19:33] <jono> ok
[19:33] <gotunandan> linuxninja: the word needs to get out though, even to end users, because there might be users who want to help but do not know of it
[19:33] <jcastro> evanrmurphy: part of the reason we do a global one is for teams to become confident in running a jam so they can do so on their own if they want
[19:33] <itnet7> linuxninja: there is nothing stopping you from holding a "meet and greet" Jam
[19:33] <sebsebseb> I think end user training is important, for people that aren't that technical
[19:33] <linuxninja> WanderingKnight: It's hard to get people to participate
[19:33] <popey> linuxninja: thats always the way
[19:33] <jono> on Wed 24th June at 6pm UTC I will do a training video
[19:33] <war_> mhall119|work: i would like to see a clear indication of what the jam should provide
[19:33] <jono> spread the word :)
[19:34] <jcastro> gotunandan: right, that's why we're starting to plan in june, we have months to get the word out
[19:34] <evanrmurphy> jcastro: good to know, thanks.
[19:34] <war_> what shall be achieved and how to do that
[19:34] <itnet7> linuxninja: buy them pizza, they will come :-)
[19:34] <mhall119|work> war_: I don't think there is a standard of what a jam should provide
[19:34] <Ging> do i get pizza?
[19:34] <mhall119|work> or achieve
[19:34] <linuxninja> itnet7: True.. Pizza brings people in
[19:34] <jcastro> evanrmurphy: myself and daniel are always available to help out-of-band jams
[19:34] <promeme> get some models to promote!
[19:34] <popey> Ging: if you buy it
[19:34] <jcastro> evanrmurphy: like if you need an IRC training session or something
[19:34] <mhall119|work> itnet7: and cupcakes
[19:34] <war_> mhall119|work: even if there is no standard, there should be a clear proceeding that users like the ones i represent can follow
[19:35] <Ging> if they organised a global bug jam in bbq season that  might be fun
[19:35] <itnet7> Ging come to a Florida event, we'll give you some pizza... mhall119|work, almost forgot cupcakes work too!
[19:35] <war_> mhall119|work: ubuntu austria loco wants to participate but has no clue where to start
[19:35] <jcastro> war_: right, that's why we have these meetings. :D
[19:35] <war_> i tried to follow it but actually i do not understand what you talk about
[19:35] <mhall119|work> Ging: there will be BBQ at the Florida jam
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[19:36] <promeme> hey war_  look at this
[19:36] <war_> you want to include users, but what should they do
[19:36] <war_> read documentation? correct it? state its unclear?
[19:36] <mhall119|work> war_: talk, eat, show off their desktop, whatever
[19:36] <war_> promeme: I did read the pages
[19:36] <jcastro> war_: each jam page has instructions
[19:36] <czajkowski> itnet7: can I come :)
[19:36] <jcastro> we need to develop those pages to be useful for people
[19:37] <itnet7> czajkowski: you are always welcome! :-)
[19:37] <war_> jcastro: if they are clear to you, fine, but not for my people
[19:37] <czajkowski> itnet7: you may regret saying that :)
[19:37] <war_> we do not know how to contribute
[19:37] <mhall119|work> czajkowski: no he won't, because it's not going to be at his house
[19:37] <promeme> well, so do you have any doubt? maybe we can help you exactly on what you need...
[19:37] <evanrmurphy> jcastro: thx again
[19:37] <itnet7> mhall119|work: righto!
[19:37] <limb_clock> hello :)
[19:37] <JayFo> war_, you can do something as simple as install
[19:37] <rowinggolfer> hang on... this jam is planned for 2-4th of October. that only allows for 25 days for liver to recover before the launch of Karmic. A little too close?
[19:38] <limb_clock> jono: thanks for the link in the twitter
[19:38] <war_> JayFo: we had install parties
[19:38] <JayFo> rowinggolfer, not if you keep drinking for the 25 :)
[19:38] <JayFo> war_, did you file bugs for issues you encountered?
[19:38] <mhall119|work> war_: can you work with another LoCo close by that has been doing this for a while?
[19:38] <itnet7> war_: I would suggest you wait until the list populates a little more and then join some other loco channels and see if we can help you
[19:38] <war_> as I understand, jams are here to fix something or make things go smoother
[19:38] <jono> limb_clock, :)
[19:38] <linuxninja> rowinggolfer: Hahaha... And wow! Were that close to the launch of Karmic...
[19:38] <itnet7> come up with some ideas!
[19:39] <limb_clock> jono: also, it's great that you're on FLOSS weekly :)
[19:39] <jono> limb_clock, thanks! :)
[19:39] <conch> war_: also to resolve or diagnose existing bugs
[19:39] <jono> I think we might need some tutorial sessions earlier jcastro
[19:39] <promeme> bye guys, need to lunch right now... let's keep on track!
[19:39] <limb_clock> jono: it was the first podcast concerning FLOSS stuff i got on my iPod :D
[19:39] <jcastro> jono: I can do more
[19:39] <JayFo> 'FLOSSing with Bacon' :-P
[19:39] <war_> conch: how can we resolve bugs, I personally gave up even bothering
[19:39] <limb_clock> strange really
[19:39] <jono> limb_clock, awesome :)
[19:39] <jono> jcastro, I think some in a few weeks would be wise
[19:39] <limb_clock> i have the same first name as Leo Laporte
[19:39] <limb_clock> ;)
[19:39] <jcastro> jono: ok
[19:39] <promeme> estoy empezando a generar algo de info de como hacer el evento, se las comparto en espanol luego...
[19:39] <jono> as we need people to get events organized soon
[19:40] <rowinggolfer> Speaking of Karmix (which I acknowledge we weren't) I am concerned that 9.10 is delayed 3 days. 9.11 has a completely different connotation.
[19:40] <conch> war_: attempt to reproduce or else ask for more information
[19:40] <limb_clock> events?
[19:40] <promeme> por si alguno lo necesita...
[19:40] <promeme> have a nice day!
[19:40] <limb_clock> i use ubuntu 9.04 here. with a SiS chip
[19:40] <limb_clock> the SiS chip that isn't supported 3D acceleration wise
[19:40] <war_> conch: i think we can take that on our agenda
[19:41] <jono> ok, lets not take this off topic
[19:41] <war_> still, maybe this can be added to the Jam webpage
[19:41] <akgraner> So as I understand this event we can make this Jam anything ubuntu we want based on our loco and their needs and skill sets?
[19:41] <jono> are there any other things we think we need to discuss to encourage teams to organize events for the Global Jam?
[19:41] <jono> akgraner, yep
[19:41] <akgraner> ok great
[19:41] <conch> war_: it helps if people work in pairs on areas/ applications that they know a little about
[19:41] <jcastro> war_: add it!
[19:42] <war_> jcastro: add what to what?
[19:42] <evanrmurphy> Question: Is the UGJ intended specifically for work on Karmic, or whatever the organizers decide? (Oct. 2-4 is quite close to release date, is it not?)
[19:42] <jcastro> war_: add what you feel you need to the pages
[19:42] <jono> jcastro, you totally bust my tables :P
[19:42] <jcastro> jono: sorry, should have waited until after everyone was trying to add their event. :-/
[19:42] <war_> jcastro: i have questions not answers yet
[19:42] <BUGabundo> evanrmurphy: usually work is done on "that" moment in time
[19:42] <jono> jcastro, no worries, we can fix it
[19:43] <BUGabundo> its a JAM
[19:43] <BUGabundo> you can squash bugs, help ppl upgrade,install etc
[19:43] <war_> I will discuss this with our team and set up an agenda
=== fader|lunch is now known as fader
[19:43] <jono> war_, great :)
[19:43] <rowinggolfer> 2-4 of october is also close to lugradio live. I fear for the health of UK ubuntu users this october.
[19:44] <jcastro> heh
[19:44] <war_> jono: does it have to be october 2 - 4?
[19:44] <popey> :)
[19:44] <mhall119|work> it's also the week before Atlanta Linux Fest, and a few weeks before Florida Linux Show
[19:44] <popey> rowinggolfer: you'll cope
[19:44] <war_> I got that from your blog
[19:44] <popey> there is now way to find a weekend that doesn't clash with _something_
[19:44] <rowinggolfer> popey - I'll be looking down the barrel of a divorce
[19:44] <jono> war_, yes its agreed now
[19:44] <jono> popey, exactly
[19:45] <txwikinger_work> and a few weeks before Ontario Linuxfest
[19:45] <jono> and if an event is happening, do a jam at the event
[19:45] <jono> thats what the california did at SCALE :)
[19:45] <war_> fine, ubuntu-at is part
[19:45] <mhall119|work> jono: jcastro said I could list an event outside of that weekend, as long as I specify
[19:45] <evanrmurphy> BUGabundo: are you saying it's a ripe time to get together because it's so close to release?
[19:45] <Gareth> yay. SCALE.
[19:45] <jono> mhall119|work, sure :)
[19:45]  * Gareth creeps back to his corner
[19:45] <mhall119|work> +1 Scale
[19:45] <gotunandan> war_: the global jam is on october 2 -4 , but any of those events can be carried out at anytime as well, it always helps !
[19:46] <jcastro> for example the Berlin LoCo's has Jams like every week
[19:46] <jcastro> we encourage that!
[19:46] <jcastro> as many as you want to have
[19:46] <itnet7> jono maybe it would be good to add a mentoring availalbe column as well, to let other loco's know who is willing to be contacted for advice on the Jams
[19:46] <jono> ok, i think we are about done
[19:46] <King_Arthur> Now that Empathy has voice/video we can now get us older (45) people to help out. Sign Language is easier than typing.
[19:46] <conch> it's good if everyone does it at the same time because you can irc and stream video to other groups
[19:46] <jono> itnet7, thats a great idea
[19:46] <BUGabundo> we have a LoCoteam meeting open to public every month in Portugal
[19:46] <jcastro> itnet7: that's brilliant
[19:47] <jono> anything else to discuss?
[19:47] <jcastro> jono: announce the next irc meeting
[19:47] <rowinggolfer> jono - I can fully understand the benefit of local "jams". I would love to organise one here (North of Scotland). However, in what way is this a global event? how would "jammers" in Inverness be aware that they are part of a larger event?
[19:47] <jneves> rowinggolfer: they'll interact with others on launchpad?
[19:47] <jcastro> jono: monthly on the 3rd thursday is what I have written down
[19:47] <mhall119|work> is there a twitter/ tag to use for the events?
[19:47] <jcastro> jono: that'll give everyone time to go do awesome stuff, then we can all reconvene and deal with problems, etc.
[19:48] <jcastro> mhall119|work: we defined some on the page last time, feel free to add whatever makes sense
[19:48] <jcastro> mhall119|work: also, flickr tags as well
[19:48] <jono> rowinggolfer, its global in that we have events happening all over the world on the same weekend
[19:48] <rowinggolfer> jneves. that's not a crowd puller IMHO.
[19:48] <jcastro> we want people to take as many pictures as possible
[19:48] <jono> jcastro, yep
[19:48] <jono> yes, third thursday of each month at this time we will have a meeting
[19:48] <jcastro> rowinggolfer: people will be in and out of IRC all weekend, it gets a nice global vibe to it
[19:49] <jono> ok, thanks everyone
[19:49] <jono> so, if everyone good:
[19:49] <jono>  * blog the event
[19:49] <jono>  * microblog it
[19:49] <Technoviking> jcastro: we could edit the lifestream for !ubuntu, !bugjam, etc...
[19:49] <jono>  * tell your communities
[19:49] <jcastro> Technoviking: yep!
[19:49] <jono>  * organize an event :)
[19:49] <BUGabundo> mhall119|work: #GBJ?
[19:49] <rowinggolfer> impressive - I put "october 2009" into google, and no 4 hit is ubuntu jam.
[19:49] <mhall119|work> BUGabundo: it's not just a bug jam
[19:49] <jcastro> I idle in #ubuntu-localteams if anyone has questions
[19:49] <itnet7> BUGabundo: just what I was UGJ
[19:49] <evanrmurphy> sorry, I had this one question: is the UGJ kind of intended for work on Karmic more than anything?
[19:50] <BUGabundo> mhall119|work: #UbuntGlobalJam ?
[19:50]  * itnet7 thinks that didn't come out right
[19:50] <evanrmurphy> right before the release?
[19:50] <jcastro> evanrmurphy: whatever helps the project.
[19:50] <itnet7> #UGJ
[19:50] <evanrmurphy> jcastro: ok gotcha
[19:50] <mhall119|work> #UGJ or #UbuntuGlobalJam would work
[19:50] <itnet7> Short and concise remember 140 characters
[19:50] <itnet7> :-)
[19:50] <Technoviking> #ucj FTW!
[19:50] <mhall119|work> +1 #UGJ + 136 other characters
[19:50] <itnet7> and a group too boot!
[19:51] <jdardon> jono: could you help us with a sponsor for the Guatemalan team to make this jams?
[19:51] <itnet7> s/too/to
[19:51] <evanrmurphy> rowinggolfer: that is really impressive
[19:51] <Technoviking> We need a greasemonkey script to convert LP<bugnumber> in to the bug LP link:)
[19:51] <rowinggolfer> jono - I'm right behind you buddy. good luck with this.
[19:51] <akgraner> swwweeeeetttt!!!  this should be fun!
[19:52] <jcastro> Technoviking: file a bug on gwibber for that please.
[19:52] <jono> thanks folks!
[19:52] <jcastro> Technoviking: and assign it to me
[19:52] <jono> gonna be awesome!
[19:52] <jcastro> thanks everyone!
[19:52] <Technoviking> jcastro: got it
[19:52] <evanrmurphy> thanks jono and jcastro
[19:52] <jcastro> also, feel free to update the wiki pages with info
[19:52] <jono> jdardon, now sure I could help sponsor, sorry
[19:52] <jono> thanks evanrmurphy :)
[19:52] <jcastro> they're now "ours", so if stuff needs fixing, go ahead
[19:53] <rowinggolfer> I don't like jam that much. too sweet.
[19:53] <patriconway> rowinggolfer did you notice that we're several links above windows 7 on that search
[19:53] <jdardon> jono: thanks if you know somebody could do it would be great
[19:53] <jono> jdardon, will do :)
[19:53] <kn100> hey guys
[19:53] <JayFo> thanks jono and jcastro
[19:54] <jono> JayFo, thanks!
[19:54] <jcastro> ok, fixing the events table, no one edit please!
[19:54] <rowinggolfer> patriconway: seriously, ubuntu must have friends in high places at google.
[19:54] <conch> thanks too jono, jcastro
[19:54] <evanrmurphy> rowinggolfer: instead of jam, try fresh berries with a bit of honey
[19:54] <evanrmurphy> so good
[19:54] <rowinggolfer> ubuntu global berries and honey. that'll work
[19:54] <kn100> ubuntu-fresh-berrys
[19:54] <patriconway> rowinggolfer well there is that rumor that quite a few of the techs at google run a remixed ubuntu with tighter integration for their cloud etc
[19:54] <mhall119|work> UbuntuGlobalFreshBerriesWithABitOfHoney is too long
[19:55] <popey> i read that as "try fresh batteries with a bit of honey" and wondered if evanrmurphy was a robot
[19:55]  * brobostigon wonders if he is allowed to speak?
[19:55] <popey> patriconway: it's not a rumour, it's well known Google Corporate run Ubuntu internally
[19:55] <itnet7> brobostigon: it's an open meeting why wouldn't you be able to speak?
[19:55] <evanrmurphy> popey: you must hang out with the coolest robots, or at least the most healthy ones
[19:55] <popey> :)
[19:56] <brobostigon> itnet7: oh, i didnt know, thanks, :)
[19:56] <evanrmurphy> popey: oh I see the "batteries" now lol
[19:56] <itnet7> brobostigon: no worries
[19:56] <brobostigon> itnet7: thanks much.
[19:56] <jdardon> ok thanks jono jcastro  and everyone! have a great day

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