Training - How to run a Packaging Jam, dholbach 2010-03-04

   1 <dholbach> hello, bonjour and buenos dias!
   2 <dholbach> who's here for some jamming action?
   3 <malev> hola dholbach !!!
   4 <dholbach> hey malev
   5 <dholbach> malev: which loco are you from?
   6 <malev> dholbach: me! here is the jam talk?
   7 <dholbach> yep
   8 <ecanto> dholbach, buenos dias!
   9 <malev> cool!
  10 <malev> mucho español por aquí?
  11 <dholbach> hola ecanto - which loco are you from?
  12 <dholbach> no no, no Español :)
  13 <dholbach> dpm tried to teach me but I'm useless at spanish
  14 <dholbach> (or catalan)
  15 <dholbach> who else is here to talk a bit about jams and packaging jams?
  16 <ecanto> dholbach, brazilian
  17 <dholbach> nice ecanto!
  18 <ecanto> (:
  19 <mhall119|work> dholbach: is the jam session going to be here or in -meeting?
  20 <dholbach> here
  21 <mhall119|work> cool
  22 <dholbach> are you and your locos going to participate in the ubuntu global jam in a few weeks?
  23 <dholbach>
  24 <dholbach> it'll be 26th - 28th March 2010 this time
  25 <malev> I'm here for that! I wish here in Ar we could preparate a jam!
  26 <mhall119|work> dholbach: Florida has 3 jams planned
  27 <dholbach> nice
  28 <dholbach> I'm part of the Berlin team and we'll participate too
  29 <dholbach> does anybody have any general questions about setting up a jam?
  30 <dholbach> or concerns or ideas or anything?
  31 <dholbach> we can keep this very informal and just chat a bit
  32 <malev> dholbach: how to convince people to participate?? :D I think this is the hardest part
  33 <dholbach> malev: I personally think it's important to set the right expectations when you announce it or when you talk to people
  34 <mhall119|work> malev: promise them a good time
  35 <dholbach> if you tell them "hey, we all do development there", you might lose a lot of people who are interested but unsure about how they participate or those who want to come there to learn
  36 <mhall119|work> if it sounds too much like work, not as many people will attend
  37 <dholbach> yes, mhall119|work's absolutely right - it's totally about the fun of coming together, learning from each other and doing something cool
  38 <malev> nice
  39 <dholbach> we came together the last time and nearly spent the entire day there, got some lunch, some snacks and had fun
  40 <mhall119|work> free food helps too
  41 <dholbach> some were triaging bugs
  42 <dholbach> some were trying to package something
  43 <dholbach> others did some translations
  44 <dholbach> and others were just chatting
  45 <dholbach> which is totally fine :)
  46 <dholbach> and if you're just a few people in the beginning, you can always grow :)
  47 <dholbach> anybody else here participating?
  48 <jamalta> me!
  49 <dholbach> hey jamalta! which loco are you from?
  50 <jamalta> well, that depends on what you mean by participating :)
  51 <jamalta> dholbach: Florida
  52 <dholbach> ah nice!
  53 <jamalta> mhall119|work: pointed out that a class on packaging jams was going on, and i'm trying to host one during the global jam in orlando
  54 <mhall119|work> jamalta: you need to go register yourself as coming:
  55 <jamalta> mhall119|work: oh cool, i didn't know this existed
  56 <dholbach> has a few already too
  57 <dholbach> ok, let's move on to packaging jams particularly
  58 <mhall119|work> jamalta: what? I've been spamming the channel about it for weeks
  59 <dholbach> has a list of different types of jams you can have at your event
  60 <jamalta> mhall119|work: i've also been very inactive in the channel for weeks :(
  61 <dholbach> it all depends on what kind of interest people in your loco have
  62 <dholbach> if they want to do something with translations and testing, you should have a look at that - or find somebody who's responsible for organising that part
  63 <dholbach> what we want in any case is update testing
  64 <dholbach> ara will talk about that separately in the next days I think
  65 <dholbach> so if you want to do something with packaging at the jam, it's very important you find out how experience the attendants are
  66 <dholbach> if you want to jump right in and most of your fellow loco members have never used a terminal before it might be a bit tricky :)
  67 <dholbach> right expectations... again :)
  68 <dholbach> has a bunch of important links and suggestions
  69 <malev> dholbach: is there a list of motu's per country? I wanna find some from Argentine to invite to the jam and maybe to give a talk
  70 <dholbach> for example is quite good if you want to demonstrate what packaging is about
  71 <dholbach> it's not necessarily "giving talks" (althought it's part of it), but more: trying together to make Ubuntu better
  72 <dholbach> malev: is all Ubuntu developers
  73 <dholbach> not many from south america
  74 <dholbach> which we need to fix! :)
  75 <dholbach> so, what can you do?
  76 <dholbach> - demonstrate the material on
  77 <malev> dholbach: I can't believe there is not a single motu in Argentine
  78 <dholbach> a packaging jam might be a good start towards getting more! :)
  79 <dholbach> once you've covered a bit of ground and people played around with a few tools, you might want to take a look at to find a few small bugs you might want to fix as a team
  80 <dholbach> is a place you might want to advertise too :)
  81 <dholbach> in terms of preparation it might make sense to have a local mirror (also if you do upgrade testing)
  82 <dholbach> so people can get the source code easily
  83 <dholbach> has some information about that
  84 <dholbach> are there any more questions already?
  85 <malev> dholbach: why a mirror? for what? - I don't understand
  86 <dholbach> a mirror with the newest packages and sources from lucid
  87 <dholbach> sometimes you maybe are at a venue where you don't have fast internet
  88 <dholbach> particularly if you have alot of people there
  89 <jamalta> dholbach: so an apt mirror? is there a guide to setting one up?
  90 <dholbach> should have a link
  91 <dholbach> hang on
  92 <jamalta> dholbach: oh ok sorry!
  93 <dholbach> definitely does
  94 <jamalta> dholbach: also, wouldn't we want a mirror for karmic and lucid? we may have people using both
  95 <dholbach> jamalta: sure that might make sense, for development it usually is better if you work in the development environment you're working on
  96 <dholbach> so if you fix lucid bugs you want to test them in lucid
  97 <jamalta> dholbach: ah, makes sense, but are we supposed to make sure everyine is running lucid for the packaging jam? that might be a lot to ask for
  98 <dholbach> explains how to use a VM for example to run lucid in
  99 <jamalta> dholbach: oh fantastic!
 100 <dholbach> jamalta: one idea was to start the jams with an upgrade jam -
 101 <jamalta> would it be a good idea to have a Lucid VM ready for everyone that we could just copy? it would be faster that way i think
 102 <jamalta> dholbach: ah i see
 103 <jamalta> dholbach: that makes more sense
 104 <dholbach> jamalta: particularly because we want the lts upgrades to be well tested
 105 <jamalta> of course
 106 <dholbach> and the time of the ubuntu global jam should be after beta 1
 107 <dholbach> ...if I remember correctly
 108 <jamalta> right
 109 <dholbach> so you'd hope the upgrade would just work :-)
 110 <dholbach> having the packaging jam clearly depends on the interest of your group
 111 <jamalta> dholbach: do you think it would be a good idea to do an upgrade jam followed by a packaging jam in the same day? or would that be too much?
 112 <dholbach> but it you have one, it's a lot of fun to find out about the tools that are used, to mess around a bit and if you manage to, maybe even fix a small bug
 113 <dholbach> I think that should be fine
 114 <dholbach> with a local mirror it should be really fast
 115 <dholbach> plus ara put up some great documentation about it at
 116 <jamalta> dholbach: cool, thanks for the tips
 117 <dholbach> it should be a lot of fun :)
 118 <dholbach> do you guys have any questions?
 119 <dholbach> or anything you're wondering about?
 120 <malev> is there is place to submit the loco for a jam?
 121 <dholbach>
 122 <dholbach> we will have some more sessions about translations, testing/upgrade and packaging jams and more generally about organising jams
 123 <dholbach> it might be worth joining them
 124 <dholbach> or just hang out here generally
 125 <mhall119|work> also, your loco admins can add the event to
 126 <dholbach> there's so many great loco people here who know how to organise a great event
 127 <mhall119|work> there is a global event for "Global Jam", so we can track all participating events
 128 <mhall119|work> so far only Florida, Chicago and Quebec have added their events
 129 <mhall119|work>
 130 * dholbach need to get back to the Berlin team about the jam :)
 131 <dholbach> any more questions?
 132 <dholbach> if not now, just ask them later - there's always somebody around who can answer them :-)
 133 * dholbach hugs you all!
 134 <malev> mhall119|work: I'm trying to convince the people of the Argentine - team to joint the Jam, but I haven't got to much quorum so far :(
 135 <jamalta> dholbach: thanks!
 136 <malev> thanks dholbach
 137 <mhall119|work> thanks dholbach
 138 <mhall119|work> malev: trying to get them to hold a jam, or list it on
 139 <malev> still trying :D
 140 <dholbach> malev: if you have people meeting in a city, that's a good start already - if you notice there's interest about bug work or packaging or anything else, try to find somebody who can be responsible for organising that part of the event :)
 141 <dholbach> malev: it'll be loads of fun
 142 <dholbach> I can guarantee you that :)
 143 <mhall119|work> you don't need many people for a jam, more than one will do
 144 <dholbach> :-)
 145 <dholbach> mhall119|work's right
 146 <dholbach> brb


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