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## page was copied from UbuntuGlobalJam/LucidTrainingLogs/HowToRunAJam-2010-02-17

Training - How to Run a Jam, jcastro 2010-02-17

   1 <jcastro> ok, anyone around for How to Run a Jam?
   2 <mhall119|work> czajkowski: did you try using html tags?
   3 <czajkowski> mhall119|work: no.....
   4 <mhall119|work> I know, it's not a fix
   5 <czajkowski> I hit enter assuming it'd listen to ENTER/RETURN
   6 <mhall119|work> but it might make it look better until I make a fix
   7 <czajkowski> mhall119|work: I know it's too late now, but a preview page would be ideal!
   8 <czajkowski> as in enter data, preview it, then publish.
   9 <mhall119|work> blueprints
  10 <mhall119|work> cjohnston is already make some
  11 <czajkowski> okie
  12 <mhall119|work> thanks
  13 <mhall119|work> but make a bug report for the formatting, that's not a feature request
  14 <mhall119|work> and I'll work on that as soon as i can
  15 <cjohnston> hmm?
  16 <jcastro> hmmm, I don't think anyone is coming to my session
  17 <cjohnston> o/
  18 <jcastro> do you think it's because everyone is already signed up? ;)
  19 <cjohnston> we could only hope
  20 <dscassel> jcastro, I'm here, but I've got a bunch of stuff I have to do, so I was just going to listen.
  21 <dscassel> I was hoping I could prod with questions at a later session...
  22 <jcastro> sure!
  23 <jcastro> you can cal always ask questions even if there isn't a session
  24 <jcastro> I am always idling!
  25 <dscassel> Awesome, thanks.
  26 <jcastro> ok so I'll grab something to eat, see if anyone else shows up
  27 <jcastro> if not just fire off questions
  28 <mhall119|work> czajkowski: how does this look:
  29 <jcg> Is the global jam training taking place today?
  30 <czajkowski> jcg: yup
  31 <cjohnston> jcg: there doesnt seem to be anyone here for it... but jcastro is here if you have questions
  32 <czajkowski> mhall119|work: perfect
  33 <jcg> I was a bit late in arriving but I need to sit thru the training at some point
  34 <jcg> Will it be offered at a later time?
  35 <dscassel> jcg: There are a bunch more sessions planned
  36 <dscassel> If you have any questions, ask away. jcastro should be back shortly.
  37 <jcg> I think I'm so ignorant rt
  38 <jcg> oops re: global jam that I don't know what questions to ask
  39 <dscassel> Yeah, I can realate. :)
  40 <dscassel> We've got an Ubuntu member locally who's going to give us a tutorial on bug triage.
  41 <dscassel> After that, we're just going to go at it.
  42 <mhall119|work> jcastro: the room isn't blocked to registered nicks only is it?
  43 <jcastro> I have no idea
  44 <jcastro> jcg, really the most important thing right now is to figure out where you're going to have it
  45 <jcg> dscassel, I'm not sure we have anyone in our emerging loco that can deal with bugs on any level
  46 <jcastro> because you can always cram the other stuff, but finding a place takes time
  47 <jcg> jcastro, we are working on locating a place right now
  48 <dscassel> jcg, our LoCo is pretty moribund, but he just happened to move to the area. If there's nobody around, maybe you could watch a screencast together or something.
  49 <jcastro> indeed, don't feel the need to try to go all advanced
  50 <jcastro> our very first loco meetings were pretty social events
  51 <jcastro> then we started doing more organized events
  52 <dscassel> Yeah, start small.
  53 <mhall119|work> my current loco meetings still are social events
  54 <jcastro> that's not necessarily a bad thing
  55 <mhall119|work> no, it's a great thing
  56 <mhall119|work> they're not _just_ social events though
  57 <jcg> we have some advanced Linux users but few who are programmer types .. and out big need is more participants, whatever the level
  58 <jcg> Hail to our leader


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