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Goals for the April 2011 Summit Jam:

  • Review previous SummitChanges

  • Review pending merge proposals

  • Integrated webchat/audio stream/upcoming sessions pages for each room
  • Update IRC bots to use summit feeds
  • Add plenary flag to iCal feed for
  • Export uds-o/sponsorship/review/ as a CSV with name, votes, and email field.
  • Add videographer fields so we can just schedule people to video instead of by hand (bug exists)
  • Show crew members for the day in the day view so it's obvious to everyone who is on crew that day
  • Crucial to Jorge: (talk to Daviey and/or Ng about this), there's no need to manually make slots for every day and then add sessions, just let me clone the last set of slots so the schedule can start propagating. "Clone last UDS setup" button or something.
  • Add a QR code somewhere on the day view so people can snap and subscribe via conventionist or to the ical, whatever will have the nicest UX. (If you can make it so it'll be possible to always be on the schedule so it will be on all the bug monitors then that would be /awesome/)

Not needed for this cycle but nice for next time:

  • Sponsorship page, make it obvious who is an ubuntu member already, like with a badge or something. Or even better just show all the groups a person is in in Launchpad.
  • Make it so anyone in the Canonical LP group can leave a comment on a sponsorsee's application page, but isn't allowed to vote.
  • Add a warning on the sponsorship page for people to check their email in launchpad is correct and they have it set so mails to them don't bounce. Make it scary sounding as in "if your email isn't right in Launchpad you might miss the email and then tough luck."

Not really needed, but fun to have:

  • CLI client that will print out the next hour's sessions, or schedule for the day, or schedule for a given track