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Clear message

The UbuntuHams logo, including the use of the Ubuntu Circle-of-Friends image, has been approved by Canonical for use by the Ubuntu Hams team for non-commercial purposes. It may be used on custom team merchandise including hats, t-shirts, pins, and QSL cards.


The logo UbuntuHams/ubuntu-hams_14.png was crafted by KamalMostafa KA6MAL.

UbuntuHams/ubuntu-hams-logo.svg - original .svg artwork

UbuntuHams/ubuntu-hams_14.png - 14 x 14 pixels

UbuntuHams/ubuntu-hams_64.png - 64 x 64 pixels

UbuntuHams/ubuntu-hams_192.png - 192 x 192 pixels

UbuntuHams/ubuntu-hams_1400.png - 1400 x 1400 pixels