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Clear message

Ubuntu Hardened is a project dedicated to offering ProactiveSecurity features for Ubuntu users, ensuring its deployment and development within the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

As a result of a key decision within the HardenedDebian project, Ubuntu Hardened is the result of the will for collaborating between different developers from different fields and projects.

Mailing list

An official Ubuntu Hardened mailing list is available. If you'd like to collaborate on hardened security concepts in Ubuntu please join this list.


This project also has a group organized on the Ubuntu Hardened Launchpad page. If you'd like to work on this project please register there.

IRC Channel

It can be found at #ubuntu-hardened in FreeNode network.

Ubuntu 7.10

The current goals of this newly resurrected project is SELinux deployment within Ubuntu. The information below is outdated and will need updating.

Breezy Main goals





Deployment of the IBM Stack Smashing Protector (aka ProPolice), using libssp

SELinux kernel

Provide SELinux capable kernel


SELinux userland

modify relevant userland bits for SELinux

ELF Markings for PaX control

This requires a patch to binutils, and will be invisible to non-PaX users

Breezy Universe

Hardened Kernel supporting

  • PaX
  • grSecurity


  • Deployment of Position Independent Executables.

Areas of development

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