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Most of the entries on the wish list are issues regarding Yelp's document formatting stylesheets, not the Docbook source. -- JeromeGotangco

  • LunaTick : I am sure that this must have been discussed somewhere but, as I can't find it, I will throw this idea down. If anyone knows where it should be, feel free to move it. I would love to see Launchpad absorb the management of help for programs. I should be able to go to the "Get Help Online" page and read the latest version of the help and make edits if I spot mistakes or make additions (these would be moderated). These should automatically create offline versions to be pushed upstream and form the basis of man pages and the help through the help menu. If it was all handled in Launchpad, it would be relatively easy to feed the help into the translation section. Currently contributing to Help files is a relatively difficult task for non-programmers (AFAICS), yet it is often non-programmers that can best communicate with the masses.

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