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Welcome to the UbuntuKylin Team's Quality Assurance Wiki Page. The UbuntuKylin Quality team is focused on writing and executing testcases and improving test tools for QA tasks.


Contribute your new test!

Once your test is ready, commit your changes and push them to a branch in launchpad. Replace the YOURUSERID field below with your launchpad id. Replace the YOURBRANCHNAME with a unique name for your branch -- it can be anythng you wish. Replace PROJECT-NAME with the project you are contributing too.

bzr push lp:~maclin.jun/ubuntu-manual-tests/ubuntukylin-manual-tests

You can confirm your branch is uploaded and view the code on launchpad here.

Now you simply need to submit a merge proposal to ensure your new branch gets reviewed and imported to the main trunk branch.

Click your branch shown on this page and then select the "Propose for merging" link to start the merge request. Submit a merge request that includes your new testcase to the project. It will be reviewed and merged accordingly. Thanks for contributing!