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 * '''Created''': [[Date(2006-07-18T01:16:38Z)]] by Tikal26  * '''Created''': <<Date(2006-07-18T01:16:38Z)>> by Tikal26

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  • Created: 2006-07-18 by Tikal26

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Our first issue is going to be an introduction of the Ubuntu products. We need to gather product information. We can choose to give an intro to setting up a basic machine. We can display some of the advanced products in the works. Question: Who will be audience? Experienced folk, newbies, or everyone?

Answer: There are far more newbies than advanced users. Perhaps a good market would be middle of the pack users, people who are comfortable on their favorite GUI but are interested in learning more about CLI and different packages. The newbies will be able to follow some of the technical stuff, perhaps not all. Even the advanced users likely don't know everything there is to know about a given topic, so they might find something to get excited about as well. Not all users arrive from the computer-science arena, and so some very simple things might deserve revisiting, like use of regular expressions in cat or grep.


A lot of information we need has already been published. We need to prevent duplication and figure out what to write. We need to avoid plageiarism. There is nothing wrong with covering similar material, and even citing the original article as source. All magazines do this over and over. One person's way of saying something can differ dramatically from another's. A reader who read the other article might finally "get it" when they see it again.

Use cases

Rob wanted to write an article for the magazine, he spent hours working on his article only to find that similar article was already available in the kubuntu wiki.


This will include looking through some wikis and part of the help files that come with Ubuntu and related programs. This can also help us understand a better way to present information.


Candidate design


simple page with contact info, editorial provenance, readership, contents


Comments by the editor about something of current interest and how it applies to Ubuntu users, possibly Letters to the Editor.


  • Configuration tricks of specific desktop
  • Desktop security
  • Specific application like Scribus, OpenOffice. in short applications that are not stick-simple. The secret configurations of Aisle-riot would probably not make a monthly byline.

  • Other...

Bylines by specific writers

Configuration of Linux

CLI an GUI configuration stuff


Articles about automating repetitive tasks

Having a set series of major subheading as above will make choosing the topics far easier. Then the Scope becomes finding article topics to fill the subheadings. ~~~~


Data preservation

Unresolved issues


BoF agenda and discussion


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