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<ronnietucker> shall we start then?

<linuxgeekery> sure!

<alexrussell> (still trying to register to add to agenda)

<mrmonday> go for it

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<ronnietucker> alexrussell: no problem, we can come to your idea at the end...

<ronnietucker> ok, podcast:

<linuxgeekery> we're subbing in for matt since he can't make it

<linuxgeekery> OK, first: "Podcast Music - Require Music for Podcast (Specifically Start and End Credits)"

<_Nicola_> what kind of music is this?

<ronnietucker> if there are any musicians out there Matt is looking for some music for the beginning and end of the podcast.

<linuxgeekery> I would recommend searching CC-licensed music

<ronnietucker> if you think you can help him please email him at:

<linuxgeekery> there's tons of it out there

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<ronnietucker> linuxgeekery: true, but it'd be nice to have something original

<linuxgeekery> What kind of music is he looking for?

<ronnietucker> he's open to offers

<linuxgeekery> ronnietucker: you can always get remixable music Big Grin :)

<andylockran> hey guys - sorry I'm late

<ronnietucker> hi andylockran, no worries Smile :)

<andylockran> I'm a musician Smile :)

<linuxgeekery> awesome Smile :)

<mrmonday> problem solved Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> cool, Matt's looking for music for in/outro on the podcast

<andylockran> I'll try and get a jingle done then Smile :)

<_Nicola_> im a musician too!

<linuxgeekery> I have a library of jingles actually

<ronnietucker> thanks andylockran

<linuxgeekery> but they aren't free :/

<andylockran> I'll add it to my todo list - what's the timescale?

<ronnietucker> well if you musician types can email Matt at that'd be great

<linuxgeekery> We're hoping to have Episode 0 by mid-december I think

<ronnietucker> timescale - probably needs it for start of December

<andylockran> I'll create it on ubuntustudio too Smile :)

<andylockran> right, ok

<ronnietucker> also:

<andylockran> _Nicola_: what can you play/mix?

<ronnietucker> Matt needs regular co-hosts for the podcast, so if anyone has a *buntu opinion and a mic, drop him an email

<linuxgeekery> I'll be right back - about 5 minutes

<_Nicola_> i am a guitarist/composer fresh out of conservatory, not too much experience mixing,

<ronnietucker> The podcast will be released on the first and third Fridays of each month with the magazine being released on the LAST Friday of each month

<mrmonday> wow

<mrmonday> that's a lot of full circle!

<mrmonday> Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> a pilot episode of the podcast will be released in mid-December.

<jwill> I'll probably be one(co-host), I was supposed to tape his regular podcast with him but the lines of comm got crossed

<ronnietucker> jwill: cool Smile :)

<alexrussell> will the podcast topics bear any relation to the magazine articles?

<linuxgeekery> We'll mention the news section

<linuxgeekery> and we have a podcast column in the works for the mag

<andylockran> Hopefully - I think you can add items that you'd like to be discussed to the podcast wiki

<ronnietucker> alexrussell: the podcast MAY mention some magazine stuff but it WILL have different content

<alexrussell> cool

<ronnietucker> it will be more panel/chat based

<alexrussell> I was just wondering how much repetition (and thus redundancy) there'd be

<andylockran> I'm a panel man Smile :)

<ronnietucker> very little repetition between the two

<alexrussell> excellent

<ronnietucker> Matt may mention (briefly) an item from the mag but it will only be there to start a discussion

<andylockran> where is Matt?

<ronnietucker> unfortunately Matt lives in Australia so its actually 0400UTC where he is

<alexrussell> I guess if something's big news, it'll be mentioned in both, but that's no big deal...

<_Nicola_> he's clearly not dedicated enough...:)

<jwill> lol

<andylockran> what time of day are the podcast recordings likely to be?

<ronnietucker> one more podcast thing: Matt is also thinking of holding some podcast meetings to organise things and get opinions, would people be interested in that kind of thing??

<andylockran> yeah, definately

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<ronnietucker> andylockran: better to ask Matt about the times, he'd be setting the recording times

<andylockran> can we dial in on SIP to the podcast for recording - or is that going to be through microphones - what technology is he (are we) using?

<alexrussell> That could be awkward if a co-host is in the UK

<ronnietucker> I think he's using Gizmo

<jwill> He told me it would probably be via Gizmo

<andylockran> right - I'll have to look into gizmo..

<ronnietucker> so basically, if you can call him on Gizmo it can be recorded

<ronnietucker> as far as i'm aware Gizmo can record conference calls

<andylockran> yeah, looks (from a quick google) like it'll support SIP too.. excellent Smile :)

<ronnietucker> any other questions on the podcast, Matts the man to ask: Smile :)

<jwill> alexrussell: it'll make for an interesting podcast, with a co-host in Australia, one in the UK and one in the US(Florida) someone is destined to be tired, loopy, or high off caffeine

<ronnietucker> jwill: Big Grin :)

<andylockran> I'll be in the UK too (and have been invited by Matt onto the panel.. if that means I'm a co-host.. I don't know Smile :)

<alexrussell> all good Smile :)

<ronnietucker> seems to be coming along nicely Smile :)

<ronnietucker> next thing on the podcast agenda is mirroring...

<linuxgeekery> back

<ronnietucker> the magazine is only about 7 or 8mb is size but the podcast will no doubt be larger so we may need to mirror it elsewhere... any comments/thoughts on that one linuxgeekery?

<ronnietucker> just in time... Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> Well, we could use something like Amazon's S3 - but obviously, we'd have to pay a lot

<alexrussell> Any idea of how popular it's likely to be? How popular is the magazine?

<mrmonday> I may be able to mirror it some time late december/early January onwards, but we'll have to see

<andylockran> I may be able to offer some space - but I may have to take down the mirror if bandwidth became an issue

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<alexrussell> Ditto, anylockran

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<linuxgeekery> Hi

<alexrussell> *andylockran

<mrmonday> topaspv, we're on mirroring - can you help?

<mrmonday> for the podcast this is

<jwill> S3 in the states is only 0.10 per GB, I don't think it would ever get over a couple dollars a month

<topaspv> how could I?

<alexrussell> Might be worth individual mirrors having an on/off switch and the main mirror page being able to remove them if they turn off? Or that S3 idea...

<ronnietucker> well I can probably mirror it on my server so we can definitely have two sites

<ronnietucker> not paying Amazon...

<andylockran> I know the hosting company I use are ubuntu friendly - so I may be able to negotiate a slightly better rate.. we'll have to see though. I don't want to volunteer their services for them Smile :)

<ronnietucker> if it came to it i'd rather mirror it on rapidshare or something! Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> ewww

<mrmonday> we may be able to get canonical to help mirroring? not sure what their policy is on that?

<linuxgeekery> I think FCM should be able to handle most, if not all of it

<linuxgeekery> I still have 3.8TB of bandwith left this year

<ronnietucker> linuxgeekery: but the site gets slow with all the mag downloads, just think if half of those people start downloading a big podcast... :/

<linuxgeekery> Yeah

<linuxgeekery> We could move up to Dreamhost's dedicated

<linuxgeekery> but that's +20/month

<topaspv> my webspace doesn't have a traffic limit. so I could offer to help here. but I dunno if they'd decide against this rule...

<ronnietucker> topaspv: just tell them i said they will NOT over rule us! Big Grin :)

Action: foutrelis could offer about 30-50GB/month

<linuxgeekery> lol

<topaspv> ronnietucker, ok

<linuxgeekery> OK

<linuxgeekery> So, we have a few mirrors it seems

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<foutrelis> linuxgeekery: And some way to distribute the load equally, would do the job Wink ;)

<alexrussell> I'm technically my own host (I work for a web design agency, we have our own servers in the US) so while I technically have no limit, I have to think about our clients! At the moment we have a whole server with only two sites, though, so I might be able to help out quite a bit, maybe...

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<ronnietucker> right so if those with mirrors could email linuxgeekery their email and maybe bandwidth limit we'll get something sorted out. If it means mirrors going down then so be it, we'd still have mirrors up

<linuxgeekery> OK

<andylockran> linuxgeekery: what's the addy?


<andylockran> easy enough Smile :)

<ronnietucker> alexrussell: pfff... us first, clients LAST Wink ;)

<linuxgeekery> load distribution is easy

<alexrussell> if only...

<linuxgeekery> just choose a random server out of [array]

<linuxgeekery> anyways

<foutrelis> or rotate through the list of servers

<linuxgeekery> yeah

<linuxgeekery> either works Smile :)

<alexrussell> As I said before, it'd be great if you have a control panel for people who have kindly given up space/bandwidth to log in and opt out of the random/rotation

<ronnietucker> ok, thats linuxgeekery got a job between now and mid-December then Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> I already have enough to do.... Big Grin :)

<ronnietucker> obviously anyone who donates bandwidth can be mentioned in the mag and/or on the site

<foutrelis> with 120pt font

<foutrelis> -.-

<linuxgeekery> <blink><marquee>

<linuxgeekery> Wink ;)

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<alexrussell> What if it's a company (i.e. my company) - they might be happier about giving up bandwidth if they could be official sponsors... hmm...

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<andylockran> I'd say just roll with it...

<linuxgeekery> Well, you aren't getting any money!

<linuxgeekery> Big Grin :)

<alexrussell> Might be getting business from the 'advert' though

<ronnietucker> if they want to be official sponsors then we could always mention them in the podcast as a sponsor

<alexrussell> I dunno, was just thinking out loud

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<ronnietucker> alexrussell: thats ok, keep it up Smile :)

<ronnietucker> i think thats it for the podcast...

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<ronnietucker> think it's mrmonday's turn now....

<ronnietucker> the stage is yours...

<mrmonday> ah

<mrmonday> k

<mrmonday> Well

<mrmonday> every month or so I need to mess around with ssh and editing a file and uploading it, and dccing to the bot to edit a couple of commands

<ronnietucker> (ie: the novelty is wearing off) ;P

<mrmonday> it would be a lot simpler for me if I could just do it straight from IRC

<mrmonday> so I'm planning on replacing hte bots base if that's OK with everyone

<linuxgeekery> What are you going to be using?

<mrmonday> it would mean it wouldn't laugh when people say lol any more

<mrmonday> like that

<mrmonday> linuxgeekery, I'm looking at supy bot

<andylockran> that is useful :-0

<mrmonday> andylockran, it'll still have all the commands Smile :)

<topaspv> I gotta leave. bye

<linuxgeekery> I have another version of FCMBot on another server

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<linuxgeekery> It doesn't lol

Action: foutrelis slaps FCMBot

<linuxgeekery> I have a bit of a primitive way of editing things through IRC too

<linuxgeekery> !addquote "Whatever you want for the infobit"

<linuxgeekery> and to retrieve it:

<linuxgeekery> !quote *search term*

<ronnietucker> *crickets*

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<alexrussell> indeed

<linuxgeekery> Did I just kill it?

<linuxgeekery> :P

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<ronnietucker> i think the subject just killed the meeting stone dead! ;D

<andylockran> yeah... next :p

<ronnietucker> basically you (mrmonday and linuxgeekery) do what you think needs done for the best of the IRC channel...

<linuxgeekery> ok

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<ronnietucker> ok, everybody wake up now, we'll move on... Big Grin :)

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<ronnietucker> next on stage is.... _Nicola_

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<mrmonday> my connection is really playin up atm

<alexrussell> (I think my point is a lot like _Nicola_'s)

<mrmonday> I missed everything so I don't know what's happening Sad :(

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<ronnietucker> i'll pm you what was said

<alexrussell> Basically you and linuxgeekery will sort it out between you, but go ahead

<mrmonday> k

<ronnietucker> yeah, what he said... Smile :)

<mrmonday> thanks ronnietucker

<_Nicola_> I just wanted to remind the contributers to read the style guide periodically, as every once in a while there are slight changes

<ronnietucker> someone wake _Nicola_ up! Big Grin :)

<linuxgeekery> Like you said alexrussell, your point is like Nicola's

<linuxgeekery> "Proofreading cleanup"

<alexrussell> indeed

<ronnietucker> definitely... and to turn on US spell checking <_Nicola_> have there been many errors with that?

<alexrussell> spell checking or proofing?

<_Nicola_> i haven't noticed too many, personally

<alexrussell> I've noticed quite a few proofing errors in #5 and #6

<ronnietucker> _Nicola_: not that I know of, no. The wiki seems to be working well now

<alexrussell> not sure about US spelling, as I'm from the UK and they both blur into one Smile :)

<linuxgeekery> brb again

<ronnietucker> alexrussell: absolutely! I can never remember if it's 's' or 'z' here :/

<alexrussell> Smile :)

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<ronnietucker> customise? customize?... :/

<alexrussell> I tend to know when I'm writing, but I tend not to be able to easily pick up on the differences when reading as I see both so often...

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<linuxgeekery> wow

<linuxgeekery> MrM is having a lot of connection problems

<jwill> true, the only why I keep it together is that the UK spelling usually is closer to the french spelling of a word

<alexrussell> let's hope he's not hosting the podcast Smile :)

<ronnietucker> Big Grin :)

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<ronnietucker> well thats the agenda done, anything anyone else wants to add/ask ?

Action: MrM gives up, and decides he'll just read the logs

Nick change: MrM -> mrmonday

<mrmonday> linuxgeekery, it hasn't done this for ages

<mrmonday> I think it just decided too becuse it is actually important that it stays alive atm

<_Nicola_> i'm pretty used to us english Smile :) the other spellings pop out at me

<alexrussell> re proofing, I'd just like to ask: how's it done exactly? I've seent the list of proofreaders and it's reasonably large - does everyone get one article or do you multiple-proof articles?

<alexrussell> If you don't do multiple proofing, may I suggest you do?

<ronnietucker> we have a wiki which gets edited by the proofers

<alexrussell> Ahh, right

<ronnietucker> sometimes we do two rounds of proofing sometimes one, depends on the deadline

<alexrussell> so anyone can go in and change stuff? Or only 'registered' proofers?

<_Nicola_> everyone can proof everything,

<ronnietucker> only registered proofers can edit our wiki

<_Nicola_> then when the previews are released, we send documents noting any errors that may have slipped through

<alexrussell> I'd like to offer my services, but I don't have a load of time so I can't really be relied upon. However, my proofing is usually pretty darn good

<alexrussell> if I do say so myself... Smile :)

<alexrussell> I'm only saying this because I've noticed a few grammatical errors, etc.

<alexrussell> Particularly with that teen article in #5 or #6, whichever it was

<_Nicola_> what kind of grammar errors?

<ronnietucker> oh, that brings me to one more point, we have a calendar on the site which shows deadlines and so on, we also ask that team members put on the calendar when they aren't available for articles/proofing

<alexrussell> Also the QA section, are the questions edited for grammar? Some were off to me

<mrmonday> hehe

<linuxgeekery> I don't know about that

<mrmonday> I can answer this one

<mrmonday> I write the Q&A last minute

<mrmonday> so it doesn't get a lot of proofing, if any

<ronnietucker> VERY last minute

<_Nicola_> on the q&a, those are edited minimally for clarity, but we want to preserve the writing of the interview-ees

<mrmonday> I'm trying to write them earlier now

<linuxgeekery> please XD

<_Nicola_> oh, wait, that comment was related to the interviews

<alexrussell> Yeah, I meant the letters-style QA

<ronnietucker> alexrussell: if you can email me your address i'll add you to the list of proofers for next issue (Dec) will you be available mid-Dec ?

<alexrussell> Or maybe the QA section... I can't remember now, maybe I shoudl have come more prepared

<alexrussell> Yeah I will, like I said I don't have a load of time but I'll try to help because I'd like FCM to be perfect in every way Smile :)


<alexrussell> cool

<ronnietucker> it only takes a few days in the middle of each month

<alexrussell> excellent

<linuxgeekery> anything else then

<alexrussell> not from me

<ronnietucker> i'm done

<mrmonday> I'm clueless

<ronnietucker> (no shock there then) Wink ;)

<mrmonday> so I'm guessing I'm done :P

<_Nicola_> i have one more detail to ask about, regarding proofing

<linuxgeekery> Ok

<ronnietucker> fire away

<_Nicola_> there's been some talk about using menu > submenu instead of menu -> submenu for navigation descriptions

<_Nicola_> any one have a say? i guess it doesn't make that much of a difference, I just didn't want to be the only one who made the decision

<ronnietucker> i prefer > rather than ->

<alexrussell> I'd personally prefer to see (and, indeed, I write) '->', not '>'

<ronnietucker> Big Grin :)

<mrmonday> I prefer ->, but I write >

<alexrussell> interesting Smile :)

<jwill> alexrussell: +1

<linuxgeekery> I like ->

<linuxgeekery> or >

<linuxgeekery> I'm either way

<mrmonday> lol

<alexrussell> helpful Smile :)

<andylockran> _ like ))

<ronnietucker> only problem is, i think -> indents our wiki which is a pain

<alexrussell> Ahh...

<alexrussell> Is the copy just copy-pasted into scribus?

<_Nicola_> i also personally prefer -->, but I can see it both ways!

<_Nicola_> well, only 1 dash: ->

<mrmonday> _Nicola_, I think that looks a bit stupid personally

<alexrussell> People will get it either way, but I guess it's a matter of continuity

<_Nicola_> you're right continuity is the key

<mrmonday> I think we should go for >, as it's one less character to type Big Grin :)

<jwill> could we possibly use the unicode symbol for an arrow

<linuxgeekery> Big Grin :)

<alexrussell> lol

<ronnietucker> lets go with > for now as it stops me having to remove blank indents from articles when i'm pasting them in to Scribus

<jwill> ö

<mrmonday> “’

<alexrussell> (just found the example of the poorly proofread article from #6: 'My Story' by Mike Awesome! B)

<_Nicola_> “’ lol

<alexrussell> "Maybe I have invented a new mental problem, whatever it was. I was suffering from it." Maybe that's what the guy meant, but I think he was going for: "Maybe I have invented a new mental problem. Whatever it was, I was suffering from it."

<alexrussell> Also later on there's a question without a question mark! "Was there no cure for it."

<alexrussell> Anyway, we're not on that any more...

<mrmonday> ooh ooh ooh!

<mrmonday> how about

<mrmonday> System » Administration

<_Nicola_> that was a problematic passage, i know!

<alexrussell> Righty, I have to go and eat some dinner. I'll look forward to hearing from ronnie re proofing, and also #7 Smile :)

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<_Nicola_> » that looks good to me!

<ronnietucker> anything anyone wants to add before we wrap up?

<_Nicola_> always floss before going to bed!

<andylockran> floss five times a day

<andylockran> ooh, one quick question

<ronnietucker> how many times do you guys GIMP then? Wink ;)

<ronnietucker> andylockran: shoot

<andylockran> will podcast panellists/co-hosts get a kewl email addy?

<jwill> can we? can we? :p

<ronnietucker> quite possibly... depends on how many fwd's linuxgeekery has left? Big Grin :)

<andylockran> the suspense was killing me Smile :)

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<linuxgeekery> Well

<linuxgeekery> I have unlimited email addresses

<linuxgeekery> So sure

<andylockran> kewl

<ronnietucker> if you end up as a host then email your details to linuxgeekery for an email address Smile :)

Action: andylockran bagsies :p

<andylockran> when I've been a host that is Smile :)

<linuxgeekery> tell me what you want @fcm and what you want forwarded to

<andylockran> I'll wait til I get confirmed as a host/co-host/rejext :p

<andylockran> right, I'm off out now

<andylockran> great meeting

<andylockran> chat to you soon :_)

<ronnietucker> thanks, bye andylockran

<ronnietucker> ok, if there's nothing else it's a wrap!