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 * [[/Episode8|Episode 8]] "More Opinion Than You Can Handle" | Marverick, Lubuntu and Ubuntu One

About the Podcast

The Podcast to complement the Full Circle Magazine.


Released once a fortnight, each episode covers the latest Ubuntu news, preview/review of the next Full Circle Magazine issue, opinions, reviews, interviews and feedback. Each episode is usually around an hour long.

The podcast can be downloaded from http://fullcirclemagazine.org/podcast


Guest Hosts

Full Circle 'Side-Pod'

The Side-Pod is a new addition. It's an extra, irregular, short-form podcast, which is intended to be a side-branch of the main Full Circle Podcast. It'll be somewhere to put all the general technology, non-Ubuntu news and opinions, hobby-horses and general kipple that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

It's meant to be a short show that doesn't take an age to edit. Also, the Side-pod takes the pressure off the team getting together to record, since we're quite bad at it... We're not intending the Side-Pod to turn into just another episode of the main show. That's not the point.

If there's anything you (yes, YOU!) want to add that's off-topic of the main Full Circle content, there's nothing to stop you putting a package together. And if anyone fancies editing one together, I'm always abdicate to volunteers...

The running order - especially for news - is a random selection of stories we've spotted, not necessarily the most important. Other people might want to nominate topics. It is, as Ed Hewitt has said, "opinionated news."


Email: podcast@fullcirclemagazine.org

RSS Feed: http://fullcirclemagazine.org/podcast


Comments on this page, using the comment form, OR; Send us a comment to podcast@fullcirclemagazine.org.

You can also send us a comment by recording an audio clip of no more than 30 seconds and sending it to the same address.

Comments and audio may be edited for length.

Please remember this is a family-friendly show.

Episode List

  • Episode 1 "Stop Wine-ing and Go Native!" | Acer Aspire Revo, Good Old Games

  • Episode 2 "The Full Circle of Light (Brown)" | Default applications in Lucid Lynx, Sauerbraten, Quake Wars

  • Episode 3 "Hail the Mental Mongoose!" | Linux Tech Survey, Dragon Age Origins, Doom Quake Wars

  • Episode 4 "Its Everyone Else’s Fault" | Buttons, Backups, Newerth, Wesnoth

  • Episode 5 "Manual Dexterity" | Ubuntu Manual Project, 'MadJam', KDE 4.4 Review

  • Episode 6 "Mark’s Space Brain from the Future" | Lucid, Steam, RPG's

  • Episode 7 "Two Tin Cans and a Length of String" | UDS, Unity, Bugs and a Humble Bundle

  • Episode 8 "More Opinion Than You Can Handle" | Marverick, Lubuntu and Ubuntu One

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