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 * [[http://catlingmindswipe.blogspot.com/|Robin Catlin]] (Episode 1 - Present)  * [[http://catlingmindswipe.blogspot.com/|Robin Catling]] (Episode 1 - Present)

About the Podcast

The Podcast to complement the Full Circle Magazine.


Released once a fortnight, each episode covers the latest Ubuntu news, preview/review of the next Full Circle Magazine issue, opinions, reviews, interviews and feedback. Each episode is usually around an hour long.

The podcast can be downloaded from http://fullcirclemagazine.org/podcast


Guest Hosts


Email: podcast@fullcirclemagazine.org

RSS Feed: http://fullcirclemagazine.org/podcast


Comments on this page, using the comment form, OR; Send us a comment to podcast@fullcirclemagazine.org.

You can also send us a comment by recording an audio clip of no more than 30 seconds and sending it to the same address.

Comments and audio may be edited for length.

Please remember this is a family-friendly show.

Episode List

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