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NOTE : i'll add Kubuntu screenshots for add/remove too - Ronnie

Tip: These Icons tell you more about a program:BRBRattachment:ubuntu.png Integrates well with UbuntuBRattachment:kubuntu.png Integrates well with Kubuntu BRattachment:copyright.png The use, modification and distribution of the application is restricted by copyright, or by legal terms in some countriesBRattachment:community.png Application is provided by the Ubuntu communityBRattachment:canonical.png Canonical Ltd. provides technical support and security updates for the application

HowTo install or uninstall packages/software on Ubuntu


If you are new to Ubuntu, you may be wondering 'How do I install software? Where can I find it? Is it easy?' To put things simply for you: If you have used windows it will be a doddle.

Installing software is easy. Simply go to Applications in the top left, then click on Add/Remove... There will then be a message saying 'Checking installed and available applications', and a loading bar. After a few seconds, you will be presented with an easy to use interface, with categories down the side and a list of applications and a description on the right. At the top you will find a search box, which you can use to search for software.


So lets say you want to design graphics for a website, and have tried the GIMP, but don't think it has the features you need. Simply open the Add/Remove applications program, and search for graphics. Now you are going to tell me that there's a graphics category on the left... So lets use that instead. You can now sort the programs alphabetically, or by popularity. NOTE: Popularity is the number of times a program has been downloaded. Don't not download a program because it has a low rating. It just means it hasn't been downloaded a lot. You can also search within the graphics section for 'design' or 'web', to narrow your results more. Read the description, to find out more about a program.


Once you have found a program you would like (for web graphics I recommend Inkscape), simply click the check box next to a program and click on apply. The program will ask you if you are sure, then for your administrator password, and automatically download and install it for you. You will get a message telling you where the shortcut is. For Inkscape it will be under Applications> Graphics. That's it. The program has been installed and is ready for use. You will be provided with free program and security updates, without cost!


It's just as easy to remove a piece of software, if you don't want it. Simply remove the tick in the checkbox, and click apply.

There are lots of other ways, other than Add/Remove Applications, to install packages and applications on Ubuntu. You can use Synaptic Package Manager, which gives you control over individual packages. Synaptic can be found under System> Administration. If a program, that you want can't be found under Add/Remove Applications, but it is on the internet, you can get the packages it depends on from synaptic. You could also use Aptitude or apt-get for packages, but using them will be explained in [insert section and page number].


Feel free to write your comments here Smile :)

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By Robert Clipsham AKA mrmonday

NOTE : i'll add Kubuntu screenshots for add/remove too - Ronnie

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