Ubuntu Magazine Milestones

Currently different tasks have been identified and we have the TODO list. Yet we are some distance away from actually delivering the first magazine issue, and this Milestones draft will try to sketch a rough working plan, with time scheduling as per tasks needing a priority.

Working Plan

The Magazine is a huge project in itself and since all of us are volunteers with time constraints we need to chart our Milestones based on the TODO list, which need to be achieved before we can get the first issue of the Ubuntu magazine issue out the door. Here is a draft for a working plan, with time scheduling as per tasks needing a priority. I have kept 01Sept2006 as the target date for launch and prepared this draft.


Identified tasks have been broken into smaller modules and we can slowly ramp things up.

Summary of Timeline goals

The idea is to set a Timeframe to achieve the goal viz. first edition of Ubuntu Magazine. If we set a target of say Sept 2006 then we can divide goals into :

  • Short-term (immediate attention): 1. Decide Magazine name 2. Identify editor 3. Research and zero-in on 1-2 topics and work on it.
  • Mid-term (in weeks) : Art & Site design specs, Scout for volunteers for various aspects (editing, proofreading, etc..).

  • Longterm (in months) : Increase the range of topics covered. Podcast interviews available online. Journos covering local events and thus slowly ramp-up operations to magazines like Red Hat Magazine

Tux Magazine Mandriva Magazine

Prioritise tasks with schedules

Week #1 : July24-30

  • Magazine editor - (1 week) Identify and assign this role after asking for volunteers.
  • Discuss the name (Ubuntu Abanta was suggested so if you use LP for polling the MT members will vote)
  • Content review board - (1 week) Create a seperate team (3-4 people) who will co-ordinate and pick submitted articles.

They can co-ordinate with Ubuntu News weekly, GnomeJournal, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu and KDE magazine reporters.

Week #2/3 : July31-aug13 (2 weeks)

2. Art Work, Layout and HTML work

Regarding the magazine layout, art, I suggest we get a spec draft out first. With art people can only comment if they see it. That can be a WIP (work-in progress) model to begin with and we can break it into weekly modules for each task :

In the first week we :

2.1 discuss specs and proposals, 2.2 discuss what goes in,

After finalising this the second part of the 2 weeks can be devoted to :

3.1 Receiving Art/ layout submissions and site design submissions we should put 2/3 workable model templates /designs for polling on LP by MT members which is easy to track and cohesive.

3.2 After voting closes, the art designs and layout getting the highest vote can be finalised and people can suggest improvements, if any. Here, we minimise changes as time could be lost in major discussions.

Assignee : I think Beth and Sara are handling this, but since I am not sure who is handling what so please add your names for the appropriate task.

Week #3/4 : Aug07-20 (2 weeks)

4. Content

  • Needs Topic Headers : In the first part (Aug07) we ask for Topics with a rough draft to be submitted with source material for them. Check if material has quality content and is publishable.

4.1 Ask the list for article submissions. Initially we can start small with 3-4 good and informative articles and then as we grow, find more volunteers and increase the scale.

4.2 Collect whatever material is available (Initially we could concentrate with simple articles and then move on to next level : getting podcast interviews of people, and so on). Example : LUGRadio is conducting interviews this weekend, but we may not cut it in this timeframe. Next time we can think and plan along those lines.

  • In the second part (Aug14) we identify the best Articles and proofread, check for last minute errors and send data for formatting into various formats (I think people asked for downloadable PDF and txt formats). In this week we devote time to checking material, editing, proofreading and finalising articles.

Assignee : Please add your names for the appropriate task.

Week #5 : Aug21-27 (1 week, +4 days)

'TESTING and Co-ordinating before final release in Week6' : Its important to keep atleast One week for testing and final checking and ironing out last minute glitches.

If it goes as planned, by Week5 we will have finished working all the major Todo's with a team of people and the assigned basic tasks will be completed and the magazine is ready for publishing.

Week #6 : Target Launch date

We have 4 days as buffer before 01Sept2006 (our target date for launch).

Then, have a Launch party on 01Sept2006 !


This is a suggestions page, so you can add your milestones here.

Current Tasks & Involvement

  • Milestones- Vid,

  • Charter- John, Sara, Almost done

  • Wiki- Rich, He needs input from the rest of us

  • Research- Sara, needs a lot of help
  • Magazine identity- Everyone
  • How2.0- Joey, Eric

  • Artwork, webpage- John and Beth
  • Logo and name- Ubuntu Community

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