Ubuntu Magazine TODO List

We are currently working on different tasks, and this list will show the different tasks, as well as highlight the areas that need your involvement.

Table of Contents


John is working on this and it should be completed soon, so if you have any comments please let John know.

Magazine Wiki

RichJohnson aka nixternal is working on this and has implemented the Working Beta.

Here is how you can help

  • Content - What do you think should be on the front page of the wiki for people visiting or interested in the magazine?
    • If you have ideas for Topic Headers provide the information to the Ubuntu Marketing Team Mailing List <ubuntu-marketing AT lists DOT ubuntu DOT com>.


I think that I want to separate this into two part

Magazine Content

NOTE: Right now I am the only one doing this, so I really need some help -Sara I think that my spec on the TOC was too vague I think that we need to do an overall research into what the content of our magazine should be. I want to compile a list of similar magazines and make a chart of strengths and weakness. We can take a look at

We should look at two things

  1. The way they present their magazine, layout, pdf, art
  2. The content they offer, what kind of articles they offer what is good and bad about them. How can we do better. What should the content of our magazine be. I know that I sent out a TOC, but I am not sure that is the best way to go maybe with a couple days of looking at other similar publications and doing an analysis we can do a better job. Out final Table of Content should be derived from this.

This research should take me a few days. I will post my finding as soon as I can.

What do we want our magazine to look like?

There are parts of the magazine that I feel we can start working on

HOW 2.0

HowTo How should they be structured? JoeyStanford sent me an interesting e-mail:

"How 2.0 was meant to be a wordplay cross of "How-to" and "Web 2.0". The
thought behind the content was to demonstrate  interesting tidbits one
might find in a How-to but, where possible, showcasing <start big
booming announcer voice> the powerful features of the package management
systems in Ubuntu Dapper <stop big booming announcer voice> to
accomplish your daily needs/practical needs in a simplified yet powerful
manner.   Focus, as with the magazine in general, is simple enough for
the new windows convert (or thinking of converting) as well as enough
meet for existing Linux users."

===== Examples =====
 * e.g.  How do I listen to itunes on Linux?
    * Old way:  you're hosed.  New Way: Avahi with Rhythmbox, Banshee, or Amarok.
 * How do I edit my genealogy?
    * Old way:  download, tar -xzf, ./compile, etc etc.  New Way:  Gramps!
 * How do I run Windows programs?
    * Old way: dual boot.   New way: wine, cedega, vmplayer, parallels, Xen, etc. etc. (wow, this could be 12 issues worth of stuff right there)

The thought was to focus on a common task/desire and, at least for the
near term, show case apps as part of the solution.  This eventually
becomes harder after you've showcased apps so we could then transform
more into a real how-to column later on.  Perhaps like pc magazines of
yesteryear...we might even create a program to solve a problem then
showcase it."

Joey started with this idea and I like it and Eric Krichinsky has express interest on working on this. I think Eric take it a run with it see what you can come up with, if any one else want to help please let me know.

Art Work, Layout and html work

  • John is on the art team so he can probably help us. I would like to know if you can also identify thing we will need and together we can write some specs to present to the art team so they can help us out.
  • Beth is a coder and has agreed to help us code the styles so that should be helpful. Maybe the people working on this should help me with the research mentioned above
  • PascalKlein is also from the art team and would be quite interested in lending a hand or two in regards to artwork/design. He's done one of the SVG designs and would be happy to expand on that.


Finally I opened a post asking for suggestions for the name. John you can add your suggestion there

Current Tasks & Involvement

  • Charter- John, Sara, Almost done

  • Wiki- Rich, He needs input from the rest of us

  • Research- Sara, needs a lot of help
  • Magazine identity- Everyone
  • How2.0- Joey, Eric

  • Artwork, webpage- John and Beth
  • Logo and name- Ubuntu Community

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