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French (, Chinese (, Italian (, Spanish ( and Russian ( French (, Chinese (, Italian (, Spanish (, Norwegian ( and Russian (


If you are interested in translating full circle into your native language then you must do the following ;

  1. Install the latest version of Scribus (as I write this, it is 1.3)
  2. Download the relevant tar file below. It contains all the files for that particular issue of the magazine.
  3. Notify us at that you're going to translate the magazine and also tell us which language you are translating it into.

  4. Once the translation is done, export the magazine as a PDF file.
  5. Email the PDF and a tar file of the translation to:

We will then place the PDF file on the full circle web site for download and announce it where necessary.

NOTE: do not translate and release through other websites!

Issue #0


Currently being translated into :

French (, Chinese (, Italian (, Spanish (, Norwegian ( and Russian (

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