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== Issue #2 ==



If you are interested in translating full circle into your native language then you must do the following ;

  1. Install the latest version of Scribus (as I write this, it is 1.3 - as Ubuntu 7.04 ships with 1.2.5, you might need to install scribus-ng)

  2. Download the relevant tar file below. It contains all the files for that particular issue of the magazine.
  3. Notify either or that you want to translate the magazine, which language you are translating it into and they will register you with our collaboration software which keeps us organised.

  4. Once the translation is done, export the magazine as a PDF file.
  5. Upload the PDF and a tar file of the translation to the relevant project in the collaboration software.

We will then place the PDF file on the full circle web site for download and announce it where necessary.

NOTE: please DO NOT translate and release through other websites without releasing it to us first!

Issue #0


Currently translated to :

Galician ( or - complete

Russian ( - complete

Spanish ( - complete

Dutch ( - complete

Indonesian ( - complete

French ( and the French Translation Team - complete

German ( - complete

Italian ( and ( - complete

Issue #1


Currently being translated into :

Indonesian (

Galician ( or and the Galician Translators Team

Spanish ( and the Spanish Translation Team

French ( and the French Translation Team

Issue #2


Translation Teams

These Pages are for the use of Translation Teams, so they can co-ordinate with translating, to get the best results! If a page is empty then maybe that language is available for translating... get in touch!

["/Spanish"]BR ["/French"]BR ["/Chinese"]BR ["/Italian"]BR ["/Greek"]BR ["/Brazilian"]BR ["/Portuguese"]BR ["/Norwegian"]BR ["/PersianFarsi"]BR ["/Basque"]BR ["/Dutch"]BR ["/Galician"]BR ["/Indonesian"]BR ["/Russian"]BR ["/German"]BR ["/Danish"]BR ["/Hungarian"]BR ["/Malay"]BR

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