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Ubuntu-mx is a group of people interested in promoting, supporting and collaborating with Ubuntu in Mexico. Our vision is to show the potential of the distribution and make it a suitable option for schools, universities, and workcenters. We also want to show that no one is alone when using Free Software, for every person lost there are many fellas in Ubuntu-mx willing to help and offer assistance.

The group is governed by the ubuntu-mx council (conformed by 4 ubuntu-mx members) which manage the most important resources which give to the local team its identity, forum, website, lp project, etc. Most of the decisions are taken in group by votes (we use meetingology) in one of our two monthly meetings.

Key Details



December 2012

Team Establishment:


Team Admins: Ubuntu-mx Council

Team Contact: Arturo Hernández C.

Membership: 88 launchpad members

Web Site:

Wiki: UbuntuMxTeam

Mailing List: ubuntu-mx

Irc: #ubuntu-mx on Freenode (not logged on due to privacy issues)

Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook

Ubuntu Members

Currently the ubuntu-mx team has 7 Ubuntu Members:


New members are welcome to participate as much as they want in the ubuntu-mx in-house workloads. They can suggest, vote and choose any proposal we discuss in our meetings. The team does not provide support to gain ubuntu membership only though work on it. Instead, people interested are encouraged to join a technical ubuntu team, such as bugsquad, translators or motu. We try to redirect as much as possible in order to not duplicate efforts and help them integrate with the whole community.


Local teams



One of the main goals of ubuntu-mx is to work along with other local teams, one example of such collaboration is with Ubuntudf. Even when in the past both teams have had differences, with the addition of new people we've started to cool them off. A proof of that is that the recent Ubuntu 12.10 release party was hosted by both, and we've added events of both teams to this ApprovalApp.

Ubuntu-mx will continue to work with other local communities in order to keep the community focused on the same targets. Since we know the distances between us may be too large some times, we'll act as mediators between Canonical resources and local teams and we'll do it in the hope that it would help to bring more ubuntu related events outside the center of the country.



Our main focus has been to provide help to other Ubuntu users, we've started scheduling constant meetings in order to improve our projects and keep the community fresh. We've worked together to provide a podcast (currently halted), interpretation of the UDW, translation of Ubuntu, distribution of CD/DVD's and organization of events such as the UGJ and release parties.

The ubuntu-mx team is a bridge between the local community and the formal one, we try to help new ubuntu-mx members to get started with the activities they can do to improve Ubuntu mainstream. We do that by running ubuntu hours where we introduce them to the testing, bugsquad and translation activities.


In addition to keep working in our successful activities, we're planning to get more involved with educational institutes. Our first step on this is to create a manual/how-to for the Mexican and hispanic people. We're also planning to integrate with other Latin American teams, specially with the teams behind UbunConLa, ubuntu-uy, ubuntu-co and ubuntu-ar. In other front, our main goal with Ubuntu members, is to help more ubuntu-mx users to go for it, while encouraging the current members to mentor on how to achieve it and what it means. We're looking forward to participate in more events (not exclusively Ubuntu, but other Open-Source and Free Software events as well) and of course in enhance our number (and influence) in launchpad.


Our main social account is @ubuntumx on twitter, our followers are distributed all over the world, 49.8% of them are male, 44.7% undetermined and 5.5% female. The majority of them speak Spanish (82.8%) while the remainder, English or both.

We also have a facebook. Our objective is to gather all the LoCo related info and promote interactivity both in the social networks and in our traditional channels (forum, launchpad, IRC channel).





We use the portal to track our events and meetings, we've organized and participated in virtually every type of ubuntu event, ugj, ubuntu hours and release parties.

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  • Personally, I joined Ubuntu by the time of the H1N1-swine-flu outbreak. I needed a way to revive my slow laptop in order to track down the news and see if everything was OK (it was OK, by the way). Ubuntu-mx was the place I ended while trying to make my WLAN adapter work. I found support here, and a real community, which encouraged me to keep on participating. -- by JorgeVazq

  • The ubuntu-mx team members have proven to be very friendly and supportive towards new Ubuntu users and contributors. Community is a tremendously valuable asset of Ubuntu, and this team has been an stellar example of it. -- fitoschido

  • I've been working in Ubuntu México community since 2008, the community has worked and strived to maintain a steady pace, the people who remained in it, is people who are willing to work for the community. -- Toluxero

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