Master Plan

Part of making Ubuntu a rocking server oprating system, is broaden it's hardware support. This page will be dedicated to plan and track the support we currently have in Ubuntu for that platform. We might use this as a basis for a future spec, possibly for UbuntuBelowZero.

High level items:

  • Have perliminary support.
  • Have selected application support.
  • Have a community of interested to support us large scale.
  • Get certified.

Perliminary support

0) Kernels are basically available, since the kernel support is in the main official tree.

1) Test userland applications, for starters make sure all of main and supported seeds apps are working smoothly.

  • First priority: terminal applications and server sysadmin tools. (Webservers, mail servers, etc..)
  • Second, GNOME, KDE and related desktop applications.

2) Use it for debugging and development.

3) Move on to have good universe support:

  • Server related and applications come first.
  • GNOME/KDE desktop related apps.
  • Users and Customers wishlists.

Creating Ubuntu Bootable Images

As it seems, there are some additional mkisofs flags we need to pass to make it usable:

mkisofs -J -r -U -chrp-boot -netatalk -hfs -probe -map boot/map.hfs -part -no-desktop -hfs-volid <your-vol-id-here> -hfs-bless ./boot -o ../new-ubuntu.iso .

This should incorporated into debian-cd that we use to produce current ubuntu cds , to have periodically built cds for testing.

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